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Sony Provide Up Close Look At Console In PS5 Teardown

After letting the first Japanese YouTubers go hands-on with the PS5 last weekend; Sony has now given fans an in-depth look at the console during a PS5 Teardown. The video is in Japanese, but Sony has also provided an English translation.  

The PS5 Teardown shows the hardware in detail including the internal components in full, as each of is shown off one by one.

It also gives us an interesting history lesson about the console. Sony revealed that they began work on the PS5 concepts back in 2015.

This is just two years after the release of the PS4. They also developed it with ideas like VR, 4K and 8K in mind.

But more than anything, they wanted the PS5 to feel like a significant generational leap over the PS4.

This last-generation has often been criticized for not providing enough of a leap from the previous consoles. At least until the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X arrived, along with the jump to 4K.

There has been concern that the rise of cross-gen games may have contributed to a blur between generations. However, Sony is keen to demonstrate that this is not the case.

Other criticism towards the PS4 was focused on how loud the console could be. Especially when playing digital games from the hard drive.

The PS5 has been reported to be much quieter than the PS4. Sony is keen for fans to “hear it for themselves”. Or perhaps not hear it.

What Else Does The PS5 Teardown Show?

The PS5 tear down also gives us a closer look at the PS5’s external components such as USB ports. Each console will feature a traditional Type-A USB port and the more modern Type-C.

This is a nice touch. As it means not only will the console be compatible with newer technology; but it will also work with older accessories.

This will be a relief to many owners. Especially those who use their PS4 as a media hub and hope to do the same with the PS5.

We speculated earlier that the PS5 ‘Mystery Nut’ could offer a way to open up the PS5. By allowing users to remove the outer shell. Although the PS5 Teardown showed the shell is removed from the bottom.

The 12th and 19th of November are edging ever closer and the PS5 is becoming more real with every passing day.

See the PS5 Teardown in full below:


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