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Sony Provide an Important Update on Missing PS5 Feature

Since release, one missing PS5 feature has caused quite a stir. The PS5 cannot render images at 1440p, something that has alienated a small but vocal group of gamers.

The PS5 can render images in 4K, which also includes the ultra-HD mode of 2160p. But true 4K is anything from 3840p to over 4000p, hence the name 4K.

But Sony knows that not all PS5 owners will own a 4K TV at launch. Therefore, they’ve made sure that the PS5 is fully optimized for 1080p too.

The missing PS5 feature of 1440p means gamers who choose to play on 1440p monitors will now have to play their games in 1080p instead.

PS5 Won’t Support 1440p At Launch - Might in The Future

Those who have monitors that can also reach 4K resolutions can just enjoy playing this way. But those who use monitors that reach their peak at 1440p will have to play in a lower resolution.

Sony May Add 1440p In The Future - If Enough Fans Ask

However, Sony has finally addressed this issue. Previously, Sony have said that this missing PS5 feature was to prioritize 1080p and 4K gaming.

They didn’t think that enough people would care about 1440p gaming because most players will either be playing in HD or 4K.

Sony understood the complaints but stuck to the philosophy behind their decision. Although now they seemed to have softened their position.

Now Sony is prepared to add this missing PS5 feature, but only if enough people ask for it. After all, there’s “no technical problem at all” in doing so, according to Sony.

This was according to Sony boss Hideaki Nishino. Therefore, if you want this missing PS5 feature to come to PS5, then keep asking! Let Sony know!

Sony is listening, so make sure you lend your voice to the calls if you want Sony to add 1440p functionality to the PS5.

Here's what else we know about missing PS5 features.

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