Sony has announced a brand new controller, Project Leonardo, which plans to make gaming on the PS5 more accessible for those with disabilities.

This new controller, code-named Project Leonardo, will help to remove barriers to gaming and will provide gamers with disabilities with a better and more comfortable experience.

The new PS5 controller will be completely customizable to suit each individual’s needs. Here is everything you need to know.

Project Leonardo Controller Announced for PS5

Sony has announced a controller designed for players with disabilities is currently under development, with the code name Project Leonardo.

With help from accessibility experts, game designers, and community members Sony expressed it is hoping to create a controller that will ease the struggles of players and provide an easier gaming experience.

[Project Leonardo is] Designed to remove barriers to gaming and help players with disabilities play more easily, more comfortably and for longer periods on PS5

Sony Interactive Entertainment
Project Leonardo with Dualsense PS5

The development of this controller has sought to combat many of the common challenges players can face such as:

  • Limited Motor Control
  • Difficulty holding a controller for long periods
  • Accurately pressing small clusters of buttons or triggers
  • Positioning thumbs and fingers optimally on a standard controller

Project Leonardo Controller Features

Project Leonardo comes with tons of hardware and software features that will make gaming a much easier experience. This will include:

Hardware Customizations

The Project Leonardo kit includes various analog stick caps and button sizes to customize the layout to a player’s needs, which can include:

  • Strength
  • Range of Motion
  • Particular Physical needs

These parts will allow gamers to create a wide selection of different setups. You can also adjust the distance of the analog to the buttons.

Project Leonardo Controller

Software Customizations

After you have configured Project Leonardo to your liking, you can also customize it directly on your PS5 console. Here are the key software features:

  • Button Mapping
    • Buttons can be mapped to any supported functions and multiple buttons can be mapped to the same one. Players can also map two functions such as “R2 + L2” to the same function meaning they would only need to press one button rather than two.
  • Control Profiles
    • Players can store and save control profiles which will contain their customized button mapping. Up to three profiles can be saved on a PS5 console at all times and you can switch between them by pressing the profile button.

Works With Other Devices & Accessories

You will be able to use Project Leonardo on its own or alongside other Project Leonardo & DualSense wireless controllers.

Gamers can use up to two Project Leonardo’s and one DualSense at the same time to create one singular controller.

This will allow them to choose the easiest device in certain situations or play together with others.

Also, the Project Leonardo has four 3.5mm AUX ports which support a variety of different external switches and third-party accessories. This will include:

  • Specialty switches
  • Buttons
  • Analog sticks

You can arrange the accessories to act like any button and you can dynamically connect or disconnect them as well.

Different configurations of controllers for Project Leonardo

A Flexible & Adaptable Design

Project Leonardo lies flat and does not need to be held. Players can use it on top of a table or a wheelchair tray.

The analog’s north orientation is also configurable, enabling gamers to choose their preferred direction.

To secure Project Leonardo, AMPS mounts or tripods may be used, which can be oriented 360 degrees for the most comfortable position.

Project Leonardo PS5 Controller Release Date

Sony did not provide a release date during its CES 2023 conference but based on images and the reveal, it seems Project Leonardo is far ahead in its development.

The likelihood is that Sony will reveal more information in one of their upcoming State of Play events. No dates have been provided for the next show but in 2022 these were in March, June & September

And if you want to read about Project Leonardo in Sony’s words, check out their blog post on this upcoming controller!

It is starting to look like a big year for Sony, with a ton of exciting PS4 & PS5 games releasing in 2023 as well!

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