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Sony to Pay Employees Insane Bonus After Success of PS5

It’s no secret that Sony has had a record-breaking year with the PS5, and now the company is paying out an insane bonus to its Japanese employees.

The last financial year has been an excellent time for Sony. With the launch of the PS5 alongside major video game releases and other products, the company is seeing record profits.

In fact, statistics report that Sony is in line to receive a consolidated net profit of about 10 billion dollars. We’ll know more exact figures when the financial year officially ends, but it’s safe to say it’s been a successful year.

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(Source: Sony)

When we see just how many PS5 consoles have been sold worldwide, it’s not surprising for Sony to be feeling generous. And with more consoles, and a PSVR 2 officially on the way, Sony will keep the success rolling long into 2021.

Sony to Pay 7 Months’ Salary Bonus to Japanese Staff

According to new reports, Sony will be paying out an insane bonus equivalent to 7 months’ salary to its Japanese employees.

After a year of increased demand for digital entertainment, Sony is giving back to its employees for all their hard work. Bonuses of this nature are common in Japanese salary work, but this is a particularly generous offering by the PlayStation producer.

In fact, despite employee unions demanding a bonus equivalent to 6.9 months’ salary, Sony is going above and beyond. This marks the first time in two decades for the company to pay out such record bonuses.

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(Source: Sony)

It’s hard to imagine how much money Sony would be making if there were enough PS5 consoles to meet demand. After all, there are still millions of gamers still looking for their next-gen device.

Meanwhile, it appears that Sony is spending more of its hard-earned money as PlayStation acquires this major fighting game tournament.

If you’re one of the people still searching for a PS5, check out our stock trackers for up-to-date news on restocks and more:

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Sony is also being generous with its fan base as of late. After all, PlayStation’s Play at Home service just added 10 new games for free.

And on top of that, new titles are leaking for April’s free PS Plus games and it’s looking like a great month for gaming.

And with thousands of new consoles set to arrive at Amazon soon, more gamers than ever will be experiencing the fun.

(Source: NHK)

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