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Sony Patents PSN Online Gaming Tournament System For PS5

PS5 could be the best place to host online gaming tournaments soon, if this new Sony patent is anything to go by.

Online gaming tournaments are nothing new, and esports is now bigger than ever. However, PlayStation is preparing to take this to the next level with a new PSN tournament system.

A new patent has revealed that PS5 could become the number 1 platform for online gaming tournaments in the future. Find out what Sony has in store for the future of gaming tournaments.

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PS5 Online Esports Tournament System Coming Soon

PlayStation is known for its single-player games, and is even developing 25 first-party titles for PS5 right now. However, Sony could be taking its online service to the next level in the future.

A new patent has revealed ambitious plans to make PS5 the home for online gaming tournaments. Gamers, developers and third-party organizations could all be able to host gaming tournaments via PSN soon.

The way it’ll work is quite simple. PSN will be able to generate tournament brackets and then, using real-time data and gameplay tracking, be able to tell who won and schedule the next matches in the tournament.

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This would be a great way to streamline often over-complicated console gaming competitions. Plus, integrating it directly into PSN would bring esports to a much wider audience too.

Be sure to stay updated for any official Sony announcements about this in the future. Sony could even reveal this at the rumored PlayStation Experience 2021 event.


Meanwhile, in addition to online tournaments on PS5, PlayStation fans have plenty of single-player content to look forward to. It looks like Spider-Man 2 could finally be in development.

Also, be sure to check out all of the new Horizon Forbidden West gameplay details. Although, Sony has suggested Aloy’s next game won’t come out until 2022.

Finally, Sony has delayed God of War Ragnarok until 2022. Let’s just hope this means that the game will have more time to be the best sequel possible.

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