Sony Patents New “In-Game Information Platform,” Suggests PS5 Might Help You Plan Activities

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A new patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment has surfaced online. The patent points towards a new type of “in-game information platform” for the PS5, which might help you to plan your game sessions and activities.

Published on May 7th, this patent sheds light on how Sony plans to incorporate a new interactive system that allows players to seek help if they need it. Similar to Alexa and Cortana, PlayStation fans might be on the verge of getting an assistant.

New Patent Suggests PlayStation 5 UI Will Show the Duration of Activities

It looks like the Japanese giant has plans to introduce a system which informs players on the duration of activities and how to complete them, so players are more prepared prior to taking on certain tasks.

It appears as though the PlayStation 5 will feature a built-in software system that provides players with the “estimated time for completion” of certain activities. The duration might well depend on how efficiently you have been completing similar missions in the past. If you have completed a similar task quickly, the estimated time for completion will likely be less.

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PS5 in-game performance platform patent

This should help you decide whether or not to complete certain game sessions, in case you have another activity on the go or scheduled. This patent suggests users will receive an in-game prompt before tackling activities. In the patent description, the example for this is as follows:

It will take you about 45 minutes to complete this level. A show you watch airs in 30 minutes. Do you want to continue or would you rather try another objective or game that takes less than 30 minutes?

Sony patent for “in-game information platform”

This patent ties in with how Sony intends to introduce more interactive features, while also providing a glimpse into how they will make the console more intelligent than ever before.

Source: FreePatentsOnline

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