New Sony Patent Hints at Separate Gaming News App for PlayStation 5

A new patent from Sony could suggest the PlayStation 5 will feature its very own gaming news and content application.

Sony Patents “Targeted Gaming News and Content Feeds”

As discovered by Gaming INTEL (via WIPO Patent Scope), Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a new patent for “targeted gaming news and content feeds.” It was originally filed in 2019 on November 21, but as with all patents, it’s only just gone public several months later.

Targeted Gaming News and Content Feeds Patent

If we take a look at the PS4, for example, it features a variety of apps. Players also have the ability to visit the Internet through the console itself.

Bear in mind that most players will likely search for the latest video game news, it looks like Sony has plans to incorporate its very own application that piles all of the latest gaming news and media into one single place. It seems that the gaming news recommended to players will be determined by their search history.

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It’s also possible that this will be connected to the PlayStation Blog in some way, shape, or form. Perhaps players will be able to visit the PlayStation Blog website through an app on the next-gen console’s user interface.

“Media stored in a database may be filtered based on the identified keywords and displayed within a targeted media feed on a user device of the user.”

New Sony Patent Description

Of course, this is merely a patent and under no circumstances is guaranteed to take place unless the tech giant confirms it themselves. There’s nothing to confirm this is definitely related to the PlayStation 5 either, even though it appears to be.

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