New Sony Patent Hints at More Immersive Experience for PlayStation VR 2

Sony hosted ‘The Future of Gaming’ event earlier this month to unveil its brand new piece of technology, the PS5. Although it didn’t feature any details for PlayStation VR 2, a new patent could offer some indication of what to expect with the next-gen headset.

A while ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment filed a patent that hints at sickness reduction for PlayStation VR 2.

Now, the company has filed a new patent that seems to target a “highly enjoyable viewing experience” for the headset.

As unearthed by Gaming INTEL, Sony’s latest patent filing is for a new information processing system, method, and computer program.

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PlayStation VR 2 Patent

The patent hints at a new information processing system that will “provide a user who views a virtual space with a viewing experience with high entertainment characteristics.”

This new patent also proposes a way to allow players to feel more immersed while using the head mounted display. Wherever the user rotates their head, a panoramic image according to the line-of-sight direction is displayed.

Sony has remained tight-lipped regarding their next-gen VR headset. While it hasn’t been officially confirmed as of yet, it will likely launch sometime after the PS5.

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