New Sony Patent Could Hint at PlayStation 5 UI Improvements

Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a new patent that could give some indication of what to expect with the PS5 UI.

As first discovered by Segment Next, a new patent has been published on June 23rd, 2020 to the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). Sony’s new patent filing is for a “menu screen display method menu screen display device.”

Sony Patents “Menu Screen Display Method and Device”

The patent comes with a variety of drawings, and although they might not be directly related to the PlayStation 5, it could still give us a rough idea of what to expect.

Sony Patents Menu Screen Display Method and Device

At first glance, it might appear relatively similar to the PS3 user interface, but if this patent does come to fruition it could offer quite a few interesting improvements.

The patent proposes “a unified user interface in terms of a menu screen.” This idea will prevent players from having to open a separate menu screen just to go to the UI.

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Instead, it looks like you will be able to have multiple apps running simultaneously, which should be particularly useful for multi-tasking.

PlayStation 5 "Unified UI" Patent

So far, the closest look we have gotten at the PlayStation 5 UI is a small teaser of the boot-up screen. As you can see in the featured image, it seems to feature the traditional “Press the PS button on your controller” message.

Amongst a plethora of new game announcements, Sony snuck this teaser of the new start-up screen into the PS5 reveal a few weeks ago.

In a recent interview with The Verge, PlayStation VP of UX design Matt MacLaurin promised an overhauled user interface for the PS5. According to MacLaurin, they will also show off the new OS soon.

The PS5 is coming out in Holiday 2020. With this in mind, more information regarding its release date, price, and user interface should begin to surface within the upcoming months.

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