Sony Files Patent for “Dynamic Music Creation in Gaming”

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While the PlayStation 5 launch draws closer, Sony continues to file several new patents. Although these patents are necessarily related to the PS5, they often fuel speculation as to what the tech giant may have up their sleeve.

As discovered by Gaming INTEL (via PatentScope), Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a new patent for “dynamic music creation.” This patent is specifically related to gaming, as confirmed by the title. It’s unclear whether this will tie into the PlayStation 5, however.

Although more intricate details of this patent are currently unknown, it could hint towards music based on emotions for next-gen. It looks like next-gen can create a different kind of music based on how the player feels. The player’s emotion will be subject to environmental factors in the game and more, presumably.

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An emotion is assigned to one or more musical motifs and a game vector is associated with the emotion.

Sony Patent

If its diagram is anything to go by, they will initially “collect game scenes / components.” Afterwards, they will “map game components to emotional metadata components.”

Sony Patents Dynamic Music Creation in Gaming

It’s important to note that this is merely a patent. Although Sony Interactive Entertainment sometimes follows through with their ideas, many of them don’t always come to fruition.

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