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Sony Job Listing Teases A Brand New Open World Game

A job listing posted by Sony San Diego has hinted at a possible new open-world IP.

Job listings have been the source of so many gaming leaks recently. Of course, the job needs to be correctly advertised in order to find the right staff, but they've been giving away all sorts of juicy info about the latest games.

It's not so great for the companies putting out the calls for staff, but great for us. It means we get an early look-in to developers' latest projects.

Playstation 5 console
Playstation 5

A job listing has recently revealed the return of Nintendo Directs, and another has confirmed Ghosts of Tsushima 2 for PS5.

And this leak is no different; a job listing posted by Sony's San Diego division has teased an exciting new game. And it could be an entirely new IP.

Sony's Open World Game Leak

San Diego's branch of Sony has put out an ad looking for a game test analyst- with the keywords "open-world" in its title.

The advertisement opens with "Willing to make the shift from gamer to game tester? we need skilled testers familiar with immersive third-person combat, open-world RPG elements, and challenging gameplay".

This could mean anything, but it's exciting to know that Sony is already working on a new game. Their definition of open-world could branch anywhere from Ghosts of Tsushima to God of War, so there's no telling what the tester could be required for.

God of War Gameplay
God of War

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Some think that this description could fit a new Jak and Daxter game, with extra RPG elements sprinkled in for good measure.

Many fans have assumed that this game could have something to do with a new IP, but there are also those who are pairing it with a rumor.

A rumor has circulated that suggests Sony could be working on bringing back an old IP. This again pairs well with Jak and Daxter, and expect a new game rather than a remake.

Jak and Daxter gameplay
Jak and Daxter

Whatever new game comes from this tester advertisement, we're excited and ready for it.

Frankly, any PS5 new is exciting, given the painful stock problems that Sony has been having with them.

A major PS5 stock drop has been delayed in the UK until later this week. But, luckily for the US, Gamestop is restocking next-gen consoles quickly.

The problem could soon be getting better though, as UK scalpers are at risk of being put out of business.

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