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Sony Is Ramping Up PS5 Promotion Ahead Of Launch

Depending on where you are in the world, you will either have just over a week or two until the PS5 releases. The UK is in the two-week camp, but Sony is sparing no expense when it comes to PS5 promotion.

According to Sony, PS5 pre-orders have been overwhelmingly positive. Despite the issues COVID-19 has wrought on production, and the subsequent stock shortages this will inevitably cause.

Sony boss Jim Ryan has said that the PS5 is already outselling the PS4. Therefore, Sony is expecting their new console to be very successful.

Confidence in pre-order sales hasn’t stopped Sony from ramping up its marketing efforts though. The company is now running a PS5 promotion on London buses.

The UK has a history of using big red buses to send important messages… But this time that message is one of fun, stating the PS5’s new slogan “Play Has No Limits.”

Sony Is Ramping Up PS5 Promotion Ahead Of Launch

Is PS5 Promotion Necessary If Theres A Stock Shortage?

While PS5 promotion is logical, after all, Sony wants to sell as many units as possible, this may add to frustration during launch day. Pre-order stock ran out incredibly quickly, and so far, it hasn’t come back.

Those who were able to secure a pre-order also have no guarantee of holding their console come launch day. Sony admitted last week that some customers will be disappointed.

Some stores, including Amazon, sent emails to customers, warning them that their pre-order may be delayed. However, Sony has held some consoles back; this way those without pre-orders can still purchase a PS5.

The good news is that the stock shortage won’t last forever; this explains why Sony is putting so much effort into PS5 promotion. We expect it to pay dividends once more consoles are available.

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