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Sony Gifts Free PS5 to Person Who Was First in Line for PS4 and PS4 Pro

A long time fan of PlayStation just received recognition from Sony and a free PS5.

The fan is known by many as the first person in line for the PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro. Sony awarded him a plaque thanking him for being a loyal fan.

But that wasn't the only thing included in the box.

Sony Console - Digital and Standard
(Source: Sony)

Joey Chiu, the fan who Sony recognized for his support of PlayStation, also received a code to redeem for the entire day-one launch lineup.

The day-one launch lineup included the PS5 console, controller, and launch titles.

Chiu's excitement is evident in his tweet about the gift.

Sony quickly confirmed this to be true by responding with five emoji hearts on the tweet with the official account.

The plaque, which lists Chiu's feats and says "patience is a virtue" and "this is for you" is a sign of the times.

The plaque also included the iconic PlayStation tagline of "Play Has No Limits."

Sony decided to release the PS5 online only because of the ongoing global pandemic. This means Chiu and his friends cannot wait in line for the console.

Chiu is a known figure in the PlayStation gaming community. He attends most major events and launches. He quickly turned into a sort of icon in the space.

Another PlayStation fan tweeted back at Chiu a photo of the two at the Sony E3 2017 live showcase.

Chiu is one of the lucky ones to secure a PS5 because of the console's limited availability.

The PS5 is will release on November 12 pretty much everywhere except the UK. The console releases a week later in the region.

Check out early unboxings of the PS5 before its November 12 release. And be sure to know of all the best new features before launch day.


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