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Sony Employees Gifted Gold DualSense Controllers

Those who worked on the PS5 have been given a very special gift by Sony, a limited-edition gold and white DualSense controller.

Let’s address your first question; no, you’ll not be able to get one too. This special edition white and gold DualSense controllers are only being given to Sony employees who worked on the PS5.

They are to be a thank you gift to staff, so sadly, we won’t be able to get one ourselves. Not unless Sony’s team members decide to sell their gold controllers on eBay or something similar.

PlayStation product design manager Joey Rabbitt showed off the gorgeous new white and gold DualSense controllers on LinkedIn. His team also received a commemorative plaque and unique PS5 Launch Team apparel.

On the picture Rabbitt shared, there’s an engraving on the bottom left of the gold DualSense controller that reads “PS4 Launch Team”—making it extra special.

Golden PS5 DualSense Controller

We’re sad that we’ll never own such a stunning DualSense controller like this gold one, but we’re thrilled for the Launch Team. We think the special edition DualSense is a fantastic reward for their hard work.

A very well done to all involved!

Any DualSense Controller Will Do

If we’re honest, we and many other PS5 owners just feel privileged to own a regular DualSense controller. After all, PS5 stock is still incredibly hard to come by.

And let’s not forget, the DualSense controller is impressive enough without being in gold. So much so that Microsoft has asked Xbox Series X owners what DualSense features they’d like to see on their controllers.

If you’re still trying to get your hands on a PS5 or an Xbox Series X, a major US retailer is restocking today. Don’t miss out!

And to our readers in the UK, there have been more PS5 restocks reported here.


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