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Sony Currently Has No Plans To Bring VR To PS5 – But Might In The Future

VR on PS4 was great fun, but it’s clearly lagging behind PC in terms of quality and functionality. Many fans have avoided it on PS4, instead, waiting for Sony to bring VR to PS5 – where it can truly find its footing on a console that can do it justice.

Fans have also known about PS5 for some time now, so it just made sense to hold fire. Instead of investing in VR now, some fans felt like it was better to bide their time, then see what new innovations arrive when VR comes to PS5.

The problem here though is this has resulted in VR sales on PS4 being lower than they could have been. Something that now risks shaking Sony’s confidence in the concept.

Many expected VR to be front and center heading into this new generation of games consoles. With both Sony and Microsoft pushing their own vision of VR going forward.

However, VR seems like an afterthought instead of the system-seller it could have been. This is a surprise; we expected at least one company to make VR a significant selling point for this generation of consoles.

It’s almost as if both companies are worried that pushing the concept as a vital part of their strategy risks it becoming the next Kinect. Something Microsoft did with the Xbox One, which then held them back from success rather than enabling it.

Will Sony Bring VR To PS5 Eventually?

Yes, we think so; bringing VR to PS5 represents an excellent opportunity for both the console and the concept of VR itself. More importantly, VR coming to PS5 could finally enable it to achieve a similar level of quality and functionality that it enjoys on PC.

Sony and Microsoft may both be waiting to see what the other does and how successful they are in bringing VR to next-gen. This may explain Sony’s apparent hesitation.

But Sony boss Jim Ryan insists that Sony still “believes in VR.” In an interview with the Washington Post, Ryan discussed the possibility of bringing VR to PS5 in more detail.

“[Immersion is] one of the megatrends in the gaming industry. I think we’re more than a few minutes from the future of VR. PlayStation believes in VR. Sony believes in VR, and we definitely believe at some point in the future, VR will represent a meaningful component of interactive entertainment”

When asked if Sony will be bringing VR to PS5, Ryan said, “Will it be this year? No. Will it be next year? No. But will it come at some stage? We believe that, and we’re very pleased with all the experience that we’ve gained with PlayStation VR, and we look forward to seeing where that takes us in the future.”

While this is a rather non-committal stance from Jim Ryan, it shows Sony is considering what to do about VR on the PS5. Sony is focusing on the launch of PS5, but we imagine they’ll turn their attention to other innovations, like VR, once this is out of the way.  

See more of Ryan’s comments on PS5 here, such as its pre-order expectations and shortages at launch. Also, check out Sony’s most recent PS5 launch trailer here


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