The video which leaked the PS5 Pro specs has now been taken off of YouTube due to a copyright strike from Sony!

Despite Sony not formally announcing the PS5 Pro yet, leaks have revealed plenty about the console already.

First, the late 2024 PS5 Pro release window surfaced online in a number of leaks. Then, a full rundown of the PS5 Pro specs followed on YouTube.

The YouTube video in question, from Moore’s Law is Dead, revealed the PS5 Pro specs based on internal documents from Sony that had been sent to him.

These are the leaked PS5 Pro specs from the video, which Tom Warren, Senior Editor of The Verge, has since verified:

CPU ArchitectureEight core/16 Thread Zen 2
CPU Clock Speeds3.5GHz/3.85GHz
GPU Compute Units60 CUs, RNDA 3
TFLOPs/GPU Clock Speed33.5TF/ 2.18GHz (TBC)
GDDR6 Memory16GB at 18Gbps
Memory Available For Games13.7GB
Memory Interface/ Bandwidth256-bit/576GB/s

However, on April 15, 2024, this video was made unavailable due to “a copyright infringement claim by Sony Interactive Entertainment”.

It’s a shame that you can’t watch the video anymore, as Moore’s Law is Dead explains the specs and what they could mean for the console in detail. However, this copyright strike may actually confirm that the leaked specs are real.

YouTube Sony Interactive Entertainment Copyright Strike

Why Is the PS5 Pro Specs Video Unavailable to Watch?

Sony almost certainly wanted to remove Moore’s Law is Dead leaks video from YouTube because the specs in it were correct, and the company does not want its upcoming console specs revealed early.

This also explains why this is the only PlayStation video on the channel with a copyright strike. Other Moore’s Law is Dead videos, which include rumors about the PS5 Pro and a second PlayStation Vita, remain watchable.

However, there is a slight chance that these leaked PS5 Pro specs may not be correct now. It is possible (although unlikely) that they were just from a previous, now-scrapped plan for the upcoming console.

PS5 Pro Logo

This is just the latest piece of evidence to suggest that the leaked PS5 Pro specs are accurate. Therefore, we believe that it’s only a matter of time before Sony announces the console.

Stay tuned for a PlayStation Showcase event in the near future. A Summer 2024 PS5 Pro reveal seems very likely at this point!

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