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Sony Clarifies Which PS4 Game Saves Work On PS5 – And Which Don’t

Those buying a PS5 and hoping to carry over their PS4 save data can breathe a sigh of relief. Sony has confirmed that PS4 game saves will work on PS5 – but it will be down to each developer to arrange.

This is excellent news for Sony fans, and let’s hope each developer sees the value in implementing it. There will be lots of PS4 players hoping to pick up where they left off on PS5, and this update from Sony means many of them can

Sony have provided clarification on this issue in a recent blog post, explaining how the PS5’s backwards compatibility will work. For the most part, it’s good news:

The PS5 will allow users to sync their profile with that of their PS4 - we imagine this will be done via the PlayStation Network ID.

PS Plus members who utilize cloud saves on their PS4 will find they have access to their PS4 game saves once they’ve synced. Providing the game in question isn’t on the list of incompatible games.

Games that take advantage of PS Now will also carry over, so players will be able to stream PS4 games on their PS5. They’ll be able to take advantage of the PS4 game save data, but the games won’t benefit from the performance upgrade offered by the PS5.

It’s important to point out that the PS4 game saves from digital titles and physical disk versions will work on PS5. Digital titles purchased from the PSN Store will be downloadable on PS5.

Other Ways PS4 Game Saves Can Be Transferred

To none PS Plus members, Sony have offered more clarity on how their own PS4 game saves could be transferred:

“You can transfer digital games, game data, and game saves from a PS4 console to a PS5 console using LAN cables, or by connecting wirelessly (WiFi).”

PS5 Titles List

Sony have stated that “the overwhelming majority” of PS4 games will be compatible on the PS5. With a small number of them not compatible, which means neither will their save data.

Sony has thrown down the gauntlet, it’s now up to each developer to confirm if they’ll be allowing PS5 players the option to transfer their PS4 game saves to their new console.

We had previously reported– at the time – it looked like the PS4 saves wouldn’t work on PS5. But this clarification from Sony means this is no longer the case.

We have covered the PS5’s backwards compatibility details earlier this week and look forward to experiencing it for ourselves on the 12th and 19th of November.

You can read the update on PlayStation 5 backward compatibility from Sony in full here. We’ll keep you up to date on which PS4 game saves will make it to PS5, and which will not, as developers respond.


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