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Sony is Banning Players Who Are Selling Access to the PS Plus Collection

The PS Plus Collection is strictly only for PS5 players, it seems. Sony makes this perfectly clear, as the company issues bans to those selling access to their PS Plus Collection.

Alongside the launch of the PS5, Sony announced that any new console owners with PS Plus would get access to a library of iconic PlayStation titles. This library makes up the PS Plus Collection, and it's well worth your time.

With hours of entertainment to enjoy with no added cost for PS Plus subscribers, who wouldn't want this perk? Well, as it turns out, some PS5 owners have been getting greedy and selling on their PS Plus Collection access to PS4 users.

ps plus collection
(Source: Sony)

The way this is done is rather clever, but not clever enough to avoid Sony's watchful eye. While you can grant access to your PS Plus collection to those on the PS4, you'll be getting a ban for your troubles.

How PS5 Owners are Giving PS4 Players the PS Plus Collection

In terms of how this all works, it's actually quite simple. However, even without the risk of a ban, we certainly wouldn't recommend it.

  1. PS5 owner sells access to a PS4 player
  2. PS4 user hands over their login details to the seller
  3. PS5 player then logs in with those details on the PS5 and claims the titles
  4. Then, the PS5 owner signs out, and the PS4 user changes their password.

Voila! Just like that, the PS4 player has access to the free PS Plus Collection games of their choice. But you've also just given someone access to your PlayStation account, which is a big issue in itself.

And on top of that fact, Sony isn't happy with the players that are taking advantage of this loophole.

Sony is Banning Those Who Share or Sell the PS Plus Collection

According to new reports, PlayStation 5 owners selling access to the PS Plus Collection are getting bans. What's more, the PS4 players who are purchasing the titles are getting a similar punishment.

The bans themselves aren't permanent, but PS5 consoles that perform this trick will be restricted from ever connecting to the PlayStation Network. This is rendering systems nearly entirely useless, especially given the console's reliance on an online connection.

PS Plus Collection Ban
(Source: Sony)

As an added irony, these users are also losing the ability to play their PS Plus Collection titles. Like all PS Plus free games, the software requires an online connection to allow players access to their library.

According to VGC, one user made over £100 from charging users to unlock the collection on their devices. Now, that same user may have to buy a whole new PS5.

And buying a new PlayStation is no easy task. Although many gamers will be looking for the Cyber Monday PS5 restock, there's no guarantee that stores will have consoles to sell.

Thankfully, more PS5 stock is coming before the end of the year. But with one scalper group hoarding over 3500 PS5s, it's becoming impossible to beat the odds and get a next-gen console.

For those still looking for their new hardware, here's a way to beat the scalpers and get your PS5.

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