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Sony Are Offering Refunds to Those Who’ve Recently Purchased Maneater On PS5

Maneater will be part of January 2021’s PS Plus line-up; what does this mean to those who’ve recently purchased Maneater on PS5?

Maneater is a game where you play as a savage shark, growing by eating humans who are even bigger villains than you. That’s it, it’s tremendous fun in small doses, but other than the water you’re occupying, don’t look for any additional depth.

However, getting to watch your shark grow from relatively small to a colossal megalodon sized beast is rather satisfying.

As we reported yesterday, the game will be part of this month’s PS Plus offerings. Meaning the game will be free on PS5 to all PS Plus members this January.

This is great news, but it’s caused a slight problem. Since launch of the PS5, new console owners have had slim pickings when it comes to dedicated PS5 games.

PS Plus January 2021 Full Line Up Revealed

A situation that is perfectly normal for any console’s launch, but it also means plenty of new PS5 owners will already have purchased Maneater on PS5 in the past few weeks.

These players will have their dorsal fins out of joint once they discover the game is now free.  Considering they’ve just spent hard-earned cash on it.

Sony To Refund Recent Purchases of Maneater on PS5

Thankfully, Sony has confirmed they will be offering refunds to players who’ve recently purchased digital copies of Maneater on PS5. They’ve even offered to overlook their ‘only to unplayed copies rule’ too, in light of the circumstances.

So it appears that even those who’ve been playing Maneater for several weeks since buying it will be able to secure a refund. Something Sony has also recently done to players who were dissatisfied with Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4.

PS Plus January 2021 Full Line Up Revealed

We’ve not heard from Sony about this formally, so we’re unsure where the cut-off point may be for refunds. Sony may be refunding all digital copies of Maneater on PS5 since launch – or just in the last month.

Although launch wasn’t that long ago. Therefore, we feel refunding all copies of Maneater since then is actually rather reasonable of Sony.

We certainly understand the frustration of gamers who’ve purchased a game online, only to then see it become free for others. Especially if they too pay for PS Plus.

Maneater on PS5 represents this month’s free game on that console, but PS Plus members will also be able to snag free copies of Greedfall and Shadow of the Tomb Raider on PS4.

We also anticipate updates to the PS Plus Library in the next few months.  


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