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Sony Are Offering Free PS5 Camera Adapters For PSVR

As we discussed in an another article earlier today, Virtual Reality is not a priority for Sony at the moment. The company is focusing on the launch of the PS5, but they have offered a silver lining for PSVR fans.

Sony boss Jim Ryan said that Sony “currently has no plans to bring VR to PS5”, he hasn’t ruled it out entirely. He revealed that Sony thinks highly of PSVR, but it could be a few years until it becomes a priority.

Reception to PSVR wasn’t earth-shattering, but the service does have some committed fans. They will miss VR on their PS5, so Ryan’s comments have probably filled them with more disappointment than hope.

However, the PS5 is mostly backwards compatible, and many people will want to play their existing PSVR games on it. The problem is; the older cameras are PS4 devices and do not work on PS5. What’s more frustrating is PSVR won’t work on PS5 without them.

While many PS4 accessories will work on PS5, the console has its own brand-new official camera. Which isn’t designed for VR at this stage, meaning PSVR users will look to use their older ones.

How Sony Is Bringing PSVR To PS5

Sony is aware of this issue and has offered a solution.

To accommodate PSVR users on PS5, they are providing a free adapter for their older cameras. This way, PSVR users can continue to enjoy their PS4 VR games on their PS5.

Despite the PS5 console not featuring any new VR titles of its own. This compromise means that players hoping to replace their PS4 fully with PS5 will still be able to.

You can order a free PS5 camera adapter from Sony’s official website here.

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