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Some PlayStation 5 Games Are Already Arriving in Stores

It’s that exciting period around a console’s launch where we finally start to see games in the wild. Right now, PlayStation 5 games are already arriving in stores.

Despite it being Xbox’s next-gen launch day, PlayStation fans are certainly sharing in the excitement. That’s because PS5 games are appearing in stores already, despite the console not releasing for a few more days.

New footage from a Best Buy employee shows off a range of PlayStation 5 launch titles now arriving in store. The games will soon be on sale to the public, as the PS5 launch is just around the corner.

PlayStation 5 Games Coming At Launch
(Source: Sony)

PlayStation 5 Games Arriving in Stores

Today may be Xbox’s day to celebrate, but the PlayStation 5 launch is also fast-approaching. In fact, the incredible PlayStation 5 games that make up the opening line-up are already in stores.

Reddit user PotatoCurryz posts footage from his local Best Buy. In it, we can see the PlayStation 5 games arriving behind the scenes. These games are unlikely to be making an early appearance on store shelves in major retailers.

Demon's Souls PS5
(Source: Bluepoint Games)

Smaller games stores are known to accidentally sell a title or two early from time to time. Best Buy will most likely be adhering to Sony’s strict launch date, however.

Games such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure all appear in the video. These PS5 exclusives are sure to be in high-demand from Thursday onwards.

It’s unclear as to just how many games Best Buy and other stores will be getting. We’d bet that it’s a lot easier to produce games than PS5 consoles, so there’s sure to be enough to go around.

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There’s certainly a fair few copies of each title in the video. Those who absolutely can’t find a physical copy of their game of choice can always opt to purchase a digital version instead.

However, there’s something special about a physical game release with your new hardware. Perhaps that why the Reddit post has seen so much attention.

Those looking to pick up the new hardware at launch need to know how to do a data transfer from PS4 to PS5. And those accustomed to the older technology will be happy to hear that the PS5 uses much less energy than the PS4 Pro.

We’re truly in the age of next-gen gaming now. If you’re looking to get a hold of the PS5 on day one, don’t forget that all PlayStation 5 launch day sales will be online only.

Which of the PlayStation’s impressive launch titles will you be playing first?

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