To solve the Solved by the Bell puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy, players must play the correct bell sequence in Clagmar Castle using the Musical Map.

But to find the Musical Map, you must navigate through Henrietta’s Hideaway in Manor Cape.

  1. Head to Henrietta’s Hideaway in Manor Cape
  2. Find The Musical Map in Henrietta’s Hideaway
  3. Find The Bells in Clagmar Castle
  4. Play The Correct Bell Sequence

Navigating through this quest is tricky at times, but thankfully this guide will cover all the steps you need to follow, including any secret chests hidden.

Where to Find Henrietta’s Hideaway in Hogwarts Legacy

Henrietta’s Hideaway is located in the southern region of Hogwarts Legacy, Manor Cape. Players must pass through the Coastal Cavern to access this region or use the West Manor Cape Floo Flame.

Before you set out to complete Solved by the Bell, it’s worth noting that there are a few absolutely necessary spells you’ll need to solve some of the puzzles. These spells include:

  • Glacius
  • Wingardium Leviosa
  • Incendio
  • Accio

There are also plenty of treasure chests to find along the way. Make sure you’ve set up your character to maximize rolls and obtain the best loot possible in Hogwarts Legacy.

  • Reach Henrietta’s Hideaway using the West Manor Cape Floo Flame or the Coastal Cavern.
    • If you’ve visited this area before, fast travel to the West Manor Cape Floo Flame.
    • If you’ve never visited the southern region of Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll need to fly through the Coastal Cavern to access it.
      • Set your waypoint to the West Manor Cape and head through the cavern.
      • You can’t use your broomstick, so just run through the enemies. You’ll encounter an Infamous Foe at the end that you can easily avoid.
      • Once you’ve reached the cavern’s end, jump on your broomstick and follow the waypoint guide.
  • Exit the building with the West Manor Cape Floo Flame and hop on your broomstick.
Henrietta Location
  • Fly straight from where you exited and follow the edge of the cliff.
    • You will pass a landing platform and some people flying kites at the halfway point.
    • You should see a broken-down building from where people are flying kites. Beneath this building is where you are headed.
Henrietta's Hideaway Location
  • Continue following the cliff’s edge until you reach the broken-down building. You don’t need to fight the enemies, and it’s not recommended unless you’re over level 30 since an Infamous Foe is guarding this area.
  • Instead of stopping near the top of the building, fly around it, and you’ll see some stairs leading to a cavern.
    • Try to land unspotted, or you’ll be forced to fight a few enemies. Cast Revelio and sneak your way down if necessary.
  • Interact with the wooden door in this cavern to head into Henrietta’s Hideaway.
Henrietta Hideaway

How to Find Musical Map Hogwarts Legacy

The Musical Map for Solved by the Bell is found at the end of Henrietta’s Hideaway in a room with large windows and broken pillars. To reach it, players must defeat enemies and navigate a series of puzzle rooms.

Entrance Room

  • You’ll see two spell cube platforms when you first enter Henrietta’s Hideaway. One platform already has a spell cube on it.
  • The second spell cube is found by casting Incendio or Confringo on the brazier under the statue on the north side of the room.
  • Once you cast the spell and light the brazier, the statue will spin and reveal the second spell cube.
    • There is a similar statue on the south side of the room. Cast Incendio on the brazier to reveal a large chest.
  • Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the spell cube and place it on the platform to the left.
  • Activate the left spell cube by casting Incendio on it.
  • Then you can activate the right spell cube by casting Glacius on it.
Hogwarts Legacy Spell Cube Entrance Musical Map
  • This will unlock the door and allow you to enter the next section of the map.

Hippogriff Room

  • In the next room, you’ll notice some enemies patrolling around a large Hippogriff statue.
  • Clear out the room of enemies. We recommend keeping Levioso at hand to keep some enemies suspended while you fight.
Hogwarts Legacy Hippogriff
  • Once the room is clear, you’ll notice a few hallways in this room. Three hallways lead to secret chests and one to the Musical Map.

First Secret Chest

  • Return up the stairs to where you first entered the room.
  • Turn towards the northern part of the room.
  • Here you’ll see a hallway with a locked door to your left. Follow this corridor.
  • Once you turn left, use Revelio to highlight the floor. If you were to walk towards this floor, the wall in front of you would suck you in and take you to another room.
Wall Portal Hogwarts Legacy
  • This room has some loot, leading to a room with an Inferius you’ll need to fight.
  • Once you defeat the Inferius, walk towards the left side of the wall with the door. The stones will open up and return to where you were first sucked into the wall.
  • To avoid getting sucked into the wall, use Wingardium Leviosa on the torch next to you.
  • Walk towards the wall. The wall will suck in the torch, allowing you enough time to sneak to the other side.
  • You’ll find a chest and a corridor leading to the locked door. Use Depulso or Confringo to break the wooden door and lead you back to the entrance of the Hippogriff Room.

Second Secret Chest

  • Head towards the Hippogriff statue. If you look north, you’ll see a corridor leading downstairs. Follow this corridor until you’re at a crossroads.
  • Here you will see two different paths. Both of these paths lead to treasure chests.
  • Walk straight and see a metal gate with a spell cube platform. You’ll see the spell cube on the other side of the gate in the distance.
  • The metal gate has a hole at the top that is large enough to get the cube through. Your goal is to levitate the cube through there.
  • Cast Accio on the spell cube to bring it right next to the metal gate. Once the spell cube is within distance, cast Wingardium Leviosa on it.
Spell Cube Puzzle
  • Levitate the cube and guide it through the hole in the metal gate. Once the spell cube is on your side of the gate, drop it on the spell cube platform.
  • Cast Incendio on the spell cube to open the metal gate door.
  • You’ll find a Room of Requirement chest in this room and an Inferius you need to defeat.

Third Secret Chest

  • Head back towards the entrance of the corridor. Instead of heading straight into the Hippogriff Room again, head into the western corridor to your right.
  • Follow this path, and you’ll see a similar puzzle to the second chest. But, this time, the spell cube is on your side of the metal gate.
  • Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the spell cube to levitate it.
Hogwarts Legacy Spell Cube Metal Gate

Fourth Secret Chest

  • From the corridor, you’ll see three statues. The one on the right has the brazier lit, while the one in the middle has the brazier put out.
  • Cast Glacius on the statue on the right to reveal a chest.
Hogwarts Legacy Statues
  • Then cast Incendio on the state in the middle to reveal a platform with a button.
  • Jump onto the platform, which will rotate and take you into a secret room.
  • Inside this room, you can grab the chest from the third statue without interacting with the brazier.
  • But that isn’t the most important item here. If you look towards the western part of the room, you’ll see some boxes covering a spell cube platform. Destroy these boxes.
  • Turn towards the eastern side of the room, and you’ll see the spell cube near some barrels.
  • Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the spell cube to levitate it toward the spell platform. Use Incendio to activate the spell cube.
Spell Cube Statue Hogwarts Legacy
  • Head back to the Hippogriff Room by using the same statue button.
  • From the statue, looking northeast. You will see a spiral staircase. Head up the staircase and take the first left.
  • This will lead you to a room unlocked by the spell cube with plenty of loot.

Musical Map Room

  • Once you’ve grabbed the final pieces of loot, turn around and head up the small set of stairs. Follow this path, and you’ll see the back of the Hippogriff Statue.
  • Continue following the path until you encounter an enemy. Cast Accio on the enemy. This will pull them in and reveal another wall that sucks in items. But this doesn’t lead to a secret room.
  • If you get sucked into the wall, it’ll spit you out directly behind it, blocking you from continuing toward the Musical Map.
  • Instead, cast Wingardioum Leviosa on any barrels on torches in this area and use them to bait the wall.
Hidden Wall Trap
  • With the item levitated, head near the wall until it sucks in the item. Then quickly run through the floor to reach the other side.
  • Follow the corridor to reach the final room of Henrietta’s Hideaway.

Sun Witch Room

  • In the final room of Henrietta’s Hideaway, you’ll see a large witch statue holding a staff with a sun on it—scattered throughout the room and many ashwinders, including some strong foes.
    • This section recommends using a Maxima Potion to raise your attack power.
Musical Map Location Hogwarts Legacy
  • Head down and defeat all of the ashwinders. You’ll need to thread carefully because some enemies can halt your movement.
  • Once all the enemies are defeated, look towards the south side of the room. Underneath the platform, you’ll see a wall with cracks on the right. Walk towards it, and it will automatically open.
Hogwarts legacy Secret Door
  • Finally, players can pick up the Musical Map in this room on top of a table with candles on the room’s northern wall.
  • Once the map is obtained, cast Wingardium Leviosa on the spell cube. Guide the cube up the stairs and through the wall.
  • Place the cube on the spell platform to the left of the door.
    • Cast Levioso to activate it.
  • The second spell cube is on the platform where the Ashwinders attacked you.
  • Head up the stairs behind you and cast Accio to drop the cube from the platform. Cast Wingardium Leviosa to place the cube on the platform to the right of the door.
    • Cast Incendio to activate it.
Spell Cube Exit Hogwarts Legacy
  • Follow the corridor and open the legendary chest to your left. Once you’ve grabbed the loot, jump on the platform so that it spins into another room.
  • This platform will lead you to the entrance of Henrietta’s Hideaway. Head to the left and exit the hideaway.

Now that you’ve obtained the Musical Map, it’s time to find the bells shown in the picture and completed Solved by the Bell.

How to Find Bells From Musical Map

To find the bells shown in the Musical Map and complete Solved by the Bell, players need to head towards Clagmar Castle, southeast of Henrietta’s Hideaway.

Hogwarts Musical Map
  • When you exit Henrietta’s Hideaway, bring out your broom. Fly towards the rock formations ahead of you.
  • You’ll see a large castle as soon as you reach the top of the rock formation. This is Clagmar Castle and the location of the bells.
Bell Location Hogwarts Legacy
  • You’ll see a wall on the castle with an open circle at the top. Behind this circle is a wall that contains the bells you are looking for.
  • There are a lot of high-level enemies in this area. If you want to avoid them, land on the platform before the bells and cast Disillusionment on yourself. They will leave you alone.

These are the bells shown in the Musical Map. Now, the only step left to do is to play the melody shown on the map.

How to Solve Hogwarts Legacy Bell Puzzle

Starting with the very top bell as number one, hit the bells in the following sequence to solve the Hogwarts Legacy bell puzzle: 8-5-3-4-5-1-2-4.

As you hit each bell, a note will appear on the sheet music etched into the brick wall. Your goal is to recreate the sheet music at the bottom of the Musical Map.

Once you recreate it, you’ll be greeted by a familiar tune from Hogwarts.

Here is a visual of each bell and the number it represents:

Hogwarts Legacy Bell Puzzle Solution

There is no time frame for when you need to hit the bells. Once a bell is hit then, the note will stay on the music sheet until all eight notes are filled.

After you complete this, you’ll see a treasure chest pop up to signify that you’ve completed the Solved by the Bell Hogwarts Legacy side quest.