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Unlocking All 114 Treasure Vaults in Hogwarts Legacy: A Complete Guide

Master Puzzles & Unearth Valuable Loot with Our Treasure Vault Secrets
Key Points
Completion Time:
3-8 mins per Treasure Vault
Various Chests
Must Haves:

There are 114 Treasure Vaults players can open in Hogwarts Legacy.

While we have step-by-step guides for some complicated ones below, generally, players need to follow three steps to open each treasure vault:

  1. Find the Treasure Vault
    • Treasure Vaults are found around the outskirts of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. Players can see them on their map, indicated by a cave-like symbol.
Treasure Vault Icon
  1. Enter the Treasure Vault – Most treasure vault entrances require them to break down a door, dive into a whirlpool, or defeat enemies. Each entrance type is listed below:
    • Debris Entrance
      • Some treasure vault entrances have rubble covering the entire entrance. Players can use Depulso or Confringo to break down the debris.
    • Wooden Entrance
      • Some treasure vault entrances have wooden boards covering the entrance. Players can use Depulso to break away the boards.
    • Metal Entrance
      • If players see dented metal doors covering a treasure vault, then they can use Depulso to break open the doors.
    • Spiderweb Entrance
      • If spiderwebs cover the entrance, using Incendio or Confringo will burn them away.
    • Whirlpool Entrance
      • Some treasure vaults are only accessible by diving into a whirlpool. Swim towards the whirlpool, and you’ll see a prompt to dive.
    • Devil’s Snare Entrance
      • Some treasure vaults have Devil’s Snare roots covering the entrance. Cast Incendio or Confringo to have the Devil’s Snare retreat to get through it.
Treasure Vault Entrances
Treasure vault entrance types in Hogwarts Legacy
  1. Solve the Puzzle – Once players have entered the treasure vault, they’ll either be led directly into a chest or need to solve one of the following puzzles to uncover the chest.

Before you head out to complete the treasure vaults, ensure you do everything possible to maximize your loot rolls to obtain better ones.

There are also a few steps you’ll need to know before heading out to treasure hunt. These spells include:

  • Accio
    • Unlocked by completing Charms Class Quest – 3rd Main Hogwarts Legacy Quest.
  • Depulso
    • Unlocked by completing Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 – Class Assignment Unlocked After Completing Jackdaw’s Rest the 15th Main Quest
  • Incendio
    • Unlocked by completing Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 – Class Assignment Unlocked After Completing The Locket’s Secret the 7th Main Quest
  • Wingardium Leviosa
    • Unlocked by completing Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1 – Class Assignment Unlocked After Completing Room of Requirement the 17th Main Quest & In The Shadows of the Undercroft the 18th Main Quest
  • Transformation
    • Unlocked by completing Professor Weasley’s Assignment – Class Assignment Unlocked After Reaching Level 20 and Completing Fire and Ice the 30th Main Quest

Without these spells, completing all of the treasure vaults can be difficult. If you’re missing any, our Hogwarts Legacy spell guide will show you how to obtain them.

Floating Brazier Treasure Vault Solution

Players must ignite all the room braziers to solve the floating brazier treasure vault puzzle.

  • When you first walk into the room, you’ll see many floating braziers circling a bonfire.
Hogwarts Legacy Brazier Puzzle
  • Use Incendio or Confringo to light up all the braziers that remain unlit.
  • Once the braziers are lit, a treasure chest will appear before the bonfire.
Hogwarts Legacy Brazier Solution

Locked Door Treasure Vault Solution

Players must use the Alohomora spell on the locks of some treasure vaults to open them and find the treasure.

Alohomora Lock Entrance

Spell Cube Treasure Vault Solution

Players must use Wingardium Leviosa to navigate a cube to a platform and then use the necessary spell to solve the spell cube puzzle.

  • Some Treasure Vaults will have a platform with a symbol near the entrance.
Hogwarts Legacy Spell Platform
  • Find the cube near the platform and use Wingardium Leviosa to navigate it to the platform’s top.
Hogwarts Legacy Spell Cube
  • Once the cube is on the platform, you must use the correct spell to activate it.
    • If there is a fire symbol, you’ll need to use Incendio.
    • A feather symbol means you’ll need to use Levioso.
    • If there is a snowflake symbol, you’ll need to use Glacius.
Spell Cube Hogwarts Legacy

Arrow Cube Puzzle Treasure Vault Solution

Players must use Wingardium Leviosa to rotate a cube into the correct pattern to solve the puzzle cube treasure vault.

  • Some treasure vaults will have a series of cubes with arrows etched into them. One cube is usually found away from the pattern.
Puzzle Cube Hogwarts legacy
  • Players must use Wingardium Leviosa on that lone cube and arrange it to fit the pattern.
    • Use the right/left d-pad to rotate the cube on the controller.
    • Use Q to rotate the cube on the keyboard.
  • The pattern is usually a repeated sequence. Observe the other rows and see what the row with a missing block doesn’t have.
    • For example, there are four rows. Row 1 = Up Arrow, Row 2 = Down Arrow, Row 3 = Left Arrow, and Row 4 = Missing block.
    • From this, we can see that instead of repetition, the pattern is one of each symbol. This means that Row 4 = Right Arrow.
  • Sometimes there are two puzzle cubes, with one set having gold etching. When this occurs, use a regular stone block to copy the pattern of the gold etching blocks.
Hogwarts Cube Puzzle Solution

Some of the puzzles are more difficult than others. It’s best to try and unlock all of the spells in Hogwarts Legacy before you set out to complete all the treasure vaults.

Bone Totem Treasure Vault Solution

To solve the bone totem, players need to use Accio or Wingardium Leviosa to pull a pile of pones toward the skull totems and form a bone bridge.

  • When you first enter the treasure vault, you will see two bone totems facing a ledge you can’t reach. Near the ledge is also a pile of bones.
Hogwarts Legacy Bone Pile
  • Stand near the two bone totems.
  • Cast Accio or Wingardium Leviosa to pull the pile of bones towards you.
  • Once the bones are above the totems, stop casting the spell.
  • The bones will begin to line up and build a bridge.
Hogwarts Legacy Bone Puzzle
  • Use the bridge to walk up the ledge and open the chest.

Tornado Treasure Vault Solution

To solve the tornado treasure vault puzzle, players must walk through the small tornado multiple times until it disappears entirely and a treasure chest appears.

  • This treasure vault room is easy to identify since it has a small tornado full of leaves.
Hogwarts Legacy Tornado
  • To begin the puzzle, walk through the tornado.
  • The tornado will disappear and reappear somewhere else inside the cave.
  • Find the tornado and walk through it again.
  • Repeat this process until the tornado disappears and is replaced by a treasure chest.
    • The final tornado is usually found in the same place as the first.

Moving Floor Treasure Vault Solution

Some treasure vaults in Hogwarts Legacy have a block that players can levitate to move the floor around them.

  • When entering the treasure vault, use Revelio to highlight all the essential items. You’ll have one highlighted cube and the chest in a moving floor treasure vault.
Cube Moving Floor Hogwarts Legacy
  • This puzzle is solved in two ways depending on the chest’s location.
    • If the chest is on high ground:
      • Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the cube. When you move the cube, the floor will rise under it.
      • Position the cube near the ledge the chest is located on.
      • At this point, the ledge should be within reach. Climb on the cube and use it to jump on the ledge.
    • If the chest is below ground:
      • Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the cube. When you move the cube, the floor will lower under it.
      • Move the cube toward the chest. This will lower the floor and allow players to interact with the chest.
Hogwarts Legacy Moving Floor
  • It is worth noting that if you’re having trouble spotting the chest, it is easy to tell if it is high or low by how the floor moves with the cube.
    • If the floor sinks, then the chest is below ground.
    • If the floor rises, then it is on a ledge somewhere.

Block Handle Treasure Vault Solution

In some treasure vaults, players will encounter pullable blocks with handles. Interacting with these handles using Accio or Depulso will trigger a door-opening mechanism.

  • Use Revelio to highlight any key items in the room. The handles will become visible due to the blue tint highlight.
  • Find an opening where you can see the handle.
Hogwarts Legacy Handle
  • Cast Accio or Depulso to pull or push the handle. If one spell does not work, try the other one.
  • Sometimes, you’ll run into rooms that have multiple handles. Use Revelio to highlight the ones you can interact with.
  • Cast Accio or Depulso on all the interactable handles.
  • Once they are all triggered, you’ll see the door open to reveal a chest or a tunnel leading to the chest.

Hidden Room Treasure Vault Solution

Some vaults will have a statue with a platform in front of it that hides an entrance to a secret room. Players must use Glacius to put out the brazier to activate this platform.

  • A hidden room treasure vault will have two platforms.
    • One platform will have a button that players can interact with. Without activating it, the platform will spin and lead you to the same room.
    • The other platform will have a brazier that’s lit up.
Button to Hidden Door Hogwarts
  • Cast Glacius on the brazier to put out the flame. This will activate the other platform.
Hogwarts Legacy Brazier
  • Jump on the platform with the button, and it will spin. Once it stops, you’ll be in a new room alongside the chest.

Pillar Room Treasure Vault Solution

Some treasure vaults in Hogwarts Legacy will have a cube, platform, and stone pillars around a chest. Players need to levitate the cube on the platform and use the correct spell to activate the cube.

Pillars and Cube
  • Use Revelio inside of the vault to highlight all of the key items. If there are pillars, players should see a platform and cube highlighted.
Platform Hogwarts Legacy
  • Cast Wingardium Leviosa on the cube to levitate it.
  • Use the Right Stick to lift the cube as high as possible. Navigate the cube over the pillars.
  • Once the cube is over the pillars, then lower it towards the platform. Eventually, the cube will click into place.
  • With the cube on the platform, cast the correct spell to activate it and lower the pillars.
    • If there is a fire symbol, you’ll need to use Incendio.
    • A feather symbol means you’ll need to use Levioso.
    • If there is a snowflake symbol, you’ll need to use Glacius.
Cube Pillars Hogwarts Legacy
  • Once the pillars are lowered, players will have access to the chest in the vault.

Chess Treasure Vault Solution

To solve the treasure chest vault puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy, players need to cast Transformation on a chair near the chess board and position it so that it checkmates the Queen.

  • Cast Revelio inside the room to reveal the chair you’ll need to transform.
    • The chair has a chess pattern, so it is easy to identify.
Hogwarts Legacy Chair
  • Once you’ve found the object, you’ll need to cast Transformation on the object. This will transform the object into a chess piece.
Hogwarts Legacy Knight
  • Cast Wingardium Leviosa on this new chess piece. Levitate it and place it on the board so the Queen is checkmate.
Hogwarts Legacy Queen
  • The Queen will crumble, and a chest will appear inside the room.

Fan Puzzle Treasure Vault Solution

Players need to cast Depulso a few times on the fan mechanism shown in the picture below to solve the fan puzzle. Once the fan is fully activated, the door will open automatically.

  • Find both fan mechanisms near the entrance. Cast Revelio to reveal both mechanisms.
Hogwarts Legacy Fan
  • Once you’ve located both mechanisms, cast Depulso on each until they light up. If you only cast it once, then the door won’t fully open.
  • With both mechanisms activated, the door to the treasure vault will open.

There are a total of 114 treasure vaults that players can find in Hogwarts Legacy. Thankfully, Youtuber WoWQuests put together a helpful video detailing the location of each one.

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