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Solution Finally Found for Frustrating PS5 CE-107938-8 Error

Is the “Something Went Wrong” error driving you crazy on your PS5? This helpful Reddit user may have the solution to your woes.

The PS5 has been great so far, it really has, but Sony’s new console has not been without its hiccups. From issues with bricking, the infamous rest mode debacle to errant error codes, it’s not been a walk in park.

One of the most frustrating issues is the CE-107938-8 error. Something which just won’t go away once it starts.

It tends to happen once a download or update has been interrupted for some reason. It could even be when installing a game or some other large data install.

Upon signing back in, players will be greeted with “Something Went Wrong” endlessly, no matter what they try to do to get rid of it. This is especially frustrating when installing data from a disk.

Sony has acknowledged the issue on their website and advise owners to uninstall the software and start again. While this fix seems to work for digital downloads, those using disk-based games have continued to receive the error message.

When you download a game from the network, you’ll usually download the most recent and updated version. This isn’t the case with games bought on disk; there’s no avoiding the update in this instance.

PS5 error

The Fix for This Frustrating PS5 Error

According to Reddit user Superman409, the fix was shared by YouTuber Devlin Prima a few days ago. Although weirdly, the video has earned far more dislikes than likes on YouTube.

Here’s the solution according to Devlin Prima:

“Ok everyone I found a fix! I’ve been having the same issues since day one November 19th. Some games would update others wouldn’t on disc. So I found this is what you do.

Make sure your disc isn’t installed or inserted in the ps5 when booting up.

Go to network settings and disable internet connection.

Insert disc and let it install.

Once installed go to network settings and turn on internet connection. Then hit the options button on the game app and select check for update. It will load for about 1-3 minutes then the update will be added to your downloads.

This worked for all the six games I have. Hope it fixes it for you!”

Caveats from Reddit User

Superman409 has confirmed that Devlin Prima’s fix worked for him but advises users to wait around 7-8 minutes, not 1-3 as Devlin suggests.

He believed his console had crashed on the ‘Please Wait’ screen but was delighted to see that it hadn’t. Other users may have believed this too, which perhaps explains the amount of unlikes on the video.

So a big thank you to both Devlin Prima and Superman409 for bringing this to the world’s attention.

We imagine Sony will be working on a proper fix to this frustrating PS5 error. As YouTube and Reddit users shouldn’t have to resort to such measures just to install a game from a disk.

But the PS5 is still in its infancy and bugs are to be expected. Let’s just hope they are all resolved soon.

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