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Solid Gold Plated PS5 Faceplates Carry Insane Price Tag

Solid Gold plated PS5 custom faceplates have appeared online. It looks incredible, but the insane price tag will make your eyes water.

Since Sony revealed that the PS5 faceplates could be removed and switched with different or custom designs, various companies have attempted to capitalize. Many have created their own faceplates, which they are selling to customers as an alternative to standard plates that come with the PS5.

Sony has not responded well to this, threatening to sue third parties that create and sell custom faceplates. One particular company has tried three times to launch their custom PS5 faceplate business, only for Sony to keep cutting them down.

Although it now appears that another company is making custom PS5 faceplates, but this time there’s a big difference. You’ve read the heading presumably, so you know these PS5 faceplates are gold plated – and wow, are they expensive.

The gold-plated PS5 faceplates are from a company called Caviar (says it all really). Their business model is to take a customer’s gadgets and give them an expensive and lavish upgrade.

The company targets the wealthy and celebrities who want their gadgets to appear extra opulent or covered in bling. If anyone still uses that word in 2021.

How Much Are the Gold Plated PS5 Faceplates?

Caviar is now offering to customize PS5s, stating they are “encasing [PS5 consoles] in eight sheets of solid gold”. The cost of this is a staggering $499,000. And according to Caviar, they will be only be doing this for nine PS5s.

This means those that do give their PS5s the solid gold-plated treatment may be able to sell them for even more in time. The ‘Gold Rock option,’ as the company is calling it, also extends to the DualSense controller.

With Caviar saying, "the gamepad did not escape [our] designers’ attention either. The accessory is made of crocodile leather for real tactile pleasure." – We’re slightly unsure what that means, but we’re dying to see one.

Caviar also has other options when it comes to offering lavish custom PS5 faceplates, other than gold. These are far less expensive but still cost a pretty penny. Another option is the "durable car carbon" PS5 faceplates, which cost over $5,880.

It’s much cheaper than $499,000 but still out of reach to most ordinary people. Saying that, so is buying a PS5 console at retail price due to the stock shortages and scalpers.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a gold PS5 accessory. Sony gifted employees who worked on the PS5 a gold plated DualSense controller as a thank you for their hard work.

These controllers will not be for commercial use, so only a few of them exist in the whole world. Speaking of limited edition DualSense controllers, this company is making them in the style of the PS1 and PS2.

We’ve also seen a range of crazy custom PS5 faceplates since Sony confirmed their removability. We also expect Sony to release their own custom PS5 faceplate designs in time.


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