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Soap MacTavish Spotted in Warzone – Hackers Use Hidden New Operator

Players have spotted classic Modern Warfare character Soap MacTavish running around Warzone’s Verdansk, despite him not being released.

New operators are some of the most exciting content to come to Warzone and it is even more exciting when it is a character that players love.

However, this fan-favorite Modern Warfare character has been spotted in Verdansk, despite not even being released in the game yet. Does this mean he is on the way soon?

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Soap Mactavish Found In Warzone

John ‘Soap’ MacTavish is a fan-favorite character from the original Modern Warfare trilogy. However, he recently appeared in the hidden Warzone cutscene which set up a huge finale for Verdansk.

Many players expected him to arrive in the disappointing Warzone anniversary event or in a potential Modern Warfare Season 7. Although, Soap has still not been released yet.

Soap MacTavish

This is why it was such a surprise to Warzone player @aizeiah_, who spotted an enemy playing as Soap Mactavish. Find out why fans hate Soap’s new look here.

Somehow, hackers have been able to find Soap’s character model in the Warzone game files so they can play as him before his operator bundle has been released. This isn’t surprising as there are more cheaters than ever in Warzone at the moment.

However, players may be able to buy the Soap Mactavish Operator bundle in Warzone soon.

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When Will Soap Operator Bundle Come Out?

Players are still awaiting news about when the Soap MacTavish Operator bundle will be released in Warzone. However, players have known about his existence in the game files for some time.

Click here to see the Soap Operator bundle for Warzone.

This bundle also contains a blueprint for the totally overpowered CX-9 SMG, which means that it could also be coming to Warzone soon. Find out all of the unreleased guns hidden in Warzone here.

Meanwhile, there have been some huge leaks about the new Warzone map. The first image of the new Warzone map has been revealed, alongside news that the new map could have a higher player count.

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