The Warzone developers have removed the new Snowballs lethal equipment from the Gulag as they were unintentionally killing and damaging players before the fight began.

The Gulag is a place for redemption. It is where gamers go after being killed for the first time in each Warzone match and fight another user in a 1v1.

Players can usually deal minimal damage by throwing rocks at competitors, but it seems these Snowballs were more like iceballs.

Gulag Snowballs Disabled For Being Too Strong

Snowballs in the Warzone Gulag were disabled as they dealt more damage than they were meant to. Additionally, they were killing gamers before the 1v1 fights even began.

This unintended bug forced the developers to remove them from this location within the game completely.

Raven Software took to X (Twitter) to joke that those who used them “are now on the naughty list.”

This issue was publicly showcased when content creator Dr Disrespect shared the clip below. As you can see, he is killed before the countdown ended.

While the powerful Snowballs are certainly a problem, many within the community did find the funny side to this situation.

One X user couldn’t hide their laugh, stating they found this hilarious.

Meanwhile, this Reddit user kept the same sentiment after watching the clip.

byu/theaveragedude89 from discussion

For anyone who is enjoying the Snowballs in Warzone, they are not completely removed. This lethal equipment has only been disabled within the Gulag.

There is even a secret challenge for getting a kill with a Snowball in the Slay Ride Resurgence mode, which you can still complete!

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