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Snoop Dogg Warzone Trailer Teases King Kong’s Arrival

Activision seems to have further teased King Kong’s entrance to Warzone, with a Snoop Dogg trailer providing a major hint.

Snoop Dogg has been known to be dropping into Warzone from earlier this year, with a leak showing off an operator skin for the rapper.

And since the new Snoop skin is releasing on April 19, the Call of Duty social pages have posted a trailer in anticipation.

However, there is an unlikely introduction to be found in the trailer. In a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, you can see a shape that appears to be that of King Kong.

warzone rebirth

King Kong Teased in New Snoop Dogg Warzone Trailer

As Season 3 of Warzone approaches, the Godzilla and King Kong teases are coming in heavy. But it seems Kong is close to Caldera in the new Snoop Dogg trailer.

The trailer shows Snoop Dogg skydiving onto Caldera, or as the trailer is titled, “dropping in like it’s hot”. The shot remains close to his goggles, showing different parts of the island as he plummets.

However, at around the 13 seconds mark, you can see what appears to be a rock formation on the left goggle. This shape bears a resemblance to that of King Kong.

Warzone Snoop Dogg King Kong tease

Of course, it may not be Kong. But with all of the teases regarding Godzilla and King Kong, it’s safe to assume that is the giant gorilla!

This teaser comes around the same time as a teaser image of Godzilla was released by Activision. You can find the Warzone and Godzilla crossover teaser image here!

While we’ve known about Godzilla and Kong in leaks for a little while now, it seems that both are almost certainly arriving with Season 3.

Some Warzone players have been blaming Fortnite’s No Build mode for an increase in harder lobbies. You can find out more about that here!

Could Godzilla’s location in Warzone have been found? Find out where Godzilla can be found in Caldera!

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