The Detective Pikachu Returns Timed Research requires players to identify a ‘Pokemon of Interest’, but is Professor Willow describing Snivy, Rowlet or Sudowoodo?

The Detective Pikachu Returns event has brought a mystery to Pokemon GO in the form of some Timed Research.

Following step 1 of the Detective Pikachu Returns Timed Research, Professor Willow will describe a Pokemon with the following clues:

“This Pokemon is known for its green accents, but it’s a type of Pokemon that hasn’t been appearing around here recently. It also peddles in deception. You might say it’s not what it seems!”

Professor Willow Pokemon GO

It is up to you to decide whether he is describing Snivy, Rowlet, or Sudowoodo. However, the answer may not jump out to you straight away.

That’s why we’ve got the correct answer for whether you should pick Snivy, Rowlet, or Sudowoodo in the Pokemon GO Detective Pikachu Returns Timed Research!

What is the Correct Answer in Pokemon GO Detective Pikachu Returns Research – Choose Snivy, Rowlet or Sudowoodo?

The correct answer for the investigation in the Pokemon GO Detective Pikachu Returns Research is Sudowoodo.

This is because it is the only Pokemon out of the three that “peddles in deception” and is “not what it seems”, as it is a Rock-type that looks like a Grass-type and often pretends to be a tree!

Choosing Sudowoodo will get you an additional encounter with Detective Pikachu in the second and final, step of this Research.

If you choose either Snivy or Rowlet, you will get 25 XP instead of another Detective Pikachu encounter.

Snivy Rowlet or Sudowoodo Pokemon GO Choose a Path

Below, we have included a full rundown of both steps in the Detective Pikachu Timed Research, including the rewards for the Sudowoodo, Snivy, and Rowlet options.

Detective Pikachu Returns Step 1/2

Spin 5 PokeStops or GymsDetective Pikachu
Complete 3 Field Research TasksDetective Pikachu
Complete 6 Field Research TasksDetective Pikachu
Explore 1 kmDetective Pikachu
Earn a Candy exploring with your buddyDetective Pikachu

Find out all of the new Field Research Tasks in the Detectve Pikachu Returns event, as you’ll need to complete 6 to finish this step of the Research!

Step 1 Completion Rewards

  • 1500 XP
  • 1500 Stardust

Detective Pikachu Returns Step 2/2

TaskReward if you Chose
Reward if you Chose
Snivy or Rowlet
Spin 5 PokéStops or GymsDetective Pikachu25 XP

Step 2 Completion Rewards

  • 25 XP
Catch Detective Pikachu Pokemon GO

Remember – you only have until the end of the Detective Pikachu Returns event to complete this Timed Research. That means that it expires at 8 PM local time on October 9, 2023!

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