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Snipers Are Overpowered in Caldera – Warzone Pacific Battle Royale

The new Warzone Pacific map Caldera is a nice change of pace, but snipers seem overpowered in Battle Royale playlists.

It’s been a rocky few weeks since the Vanguard integration in Warzone. Although it was nice to see a brand-new arena to duke it out in, it didn’t take players long to turn on Caldera.

Right now, fans miss the glory days of Warzone, with only Modern Warfare guns in the game. There are currently so many weapons in Warzone that grinding is a full-time job.

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On top of that, Caldera brought an array of new issues to the game. Players are actually quitting Warzone because of Caldera’s glitches, which is probably the opposite of what Activision was hoping for.

And for those who enjoy Battle Royale playlists, it’s no fun being killed by an overpowered sniper rifle in Warzone.

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Warzone Pacific’s Battle Royale Mode Makes Snipers Overpowered

Right now, Warzone Pacific players have to play Caldera in Battle Royale playlists and modern snipers are incredibly overpowered.

In this week’s playlist update, Raven Software took Vanguard Royale out of the game. And without the Vanguard weapons-only playlist, Battle Royale is your only option for a BR experience.

Unfortunately, while Vanguard snipers are definitely not the meta, the same isn’t true for their modern counterparts. In fact, when playing Battle Royale, it seems that almost half of all players are running the Swiss or Kar98k snipers.

“If you’re playing regular BR over VG Royale, it’s both harder and a good 30-40% of people are sniping,” Reddit user BitterProgress complains. “It seems much harder when every little Timmy just needs to get a lucky shot or two [and] you’re out of the game.”

The fact of the matter is, Caldera has far more open space and height advantage to work with. And while there’s often less running out in the open when compared to Verdansk, the Pacific map allows for some great sniping opportunities.

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Warzone Pacific Caldera

At least, when you’re using a powerful meta sniper loadout, instead of the Vanguard snipers.

“It makes you realize how easy sniping was once you tried sniping with VG snipers,” user RicoNico writes. “IMO, VG royale was more fun because I wasn’t getting sniped every match.”

We do know when Vanguard Royale will return to Warzone, but it seems it’s not a focus right now. In fact, while players are calling for the playlist to return, Raven Software seems intent on removing it for the foreseeable future.

If you’re returning to Rebirth Island to combat snipers, we’ve got a guide you should be reading. Check out the 5 best meta loadouts for Rebirth Island here and dominate your competition!

But for Battle Royale fans, this M4A1 loadout is somehow still incredible in Warzone Pacific. Perhaps Raven does need to tune down some modern weapons, or buff the Vanguard guns.

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Wednesday 19th of January 2022

Blah blah blah, kids like you ruin the game with their nerf requests. Snipers are fine how they are, don't like stay out of the open. Reporters like you, are just as childish as a 4 ur old freaking out cause mom and dad took your gi Joe away.