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Smash Bros Cut Character Leak Reveals Interesting Details

Information regarding a Smash Bros cut character leak has emerged. One industry insider has leaked details and shed light on prior plans for the popular fighting game.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate plans for 2021 have recently been revealed. However, further information has come to light regarding previous plans for the fighting game series.

The game has been widely successful and is currently in the midst of its second fighters' pass, which adds more playable characters to the game.

The most recent addition to the roster being Sephiroth. You can see exactly what Sephiroth brings to the fight in update 10.1.0 here.

If you're a fan of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, you'll want to hear about a previously canceled character.

Smash Bros Cut Character

Imran Khan, former editor of Game Informer has come forward to share new information regarding a cut character leak for Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Khan has reported that Fire Emblem protagonist Byleth, was in fact not supposed to be a DLC character.

Khan noted on a Resetera forum that "Byleth has a decent bit of the moveset of a character that didn't make it due to negotiations falling through".

You can read the full thread here for more discussion and speculation about this topic.

Interestingly, Byleth was originally intended to be a part of the main roster of fighters.

Byleth - Smash Bros. Ultimate
Byleth - Smash Bros. Ultimate

According to Khan, Byleth was apparently "moved to DLC well before the game came out, they weren't a late replacement".

So what does this mean for Smash Bros cut character leak? Well, Khan fails to specify which character it was that fell through in negotiations.

However, we know that Byleth's moveset is similar to the cut character, we can guess that they would have been somewhat similar in appearance or in the way they play.

Who Could The Cut Character Be?

So, given this new information, who could the Smash Bros cut character leak refer to?

A good contender for the Smash Bros cut character might have been a Monster Hunter character.

Capcom is famously reluctant to share their characters in other games. This would make sense given Khan's statement about negotiations falling through.

Furthermore, Byleth features weapon focused character abilities. After all, Monster Hunter is a game with a huge focus on utilizing different kinds of weapons.

There is certainly a comparison that can be made between Byleth and a rumored Monster Hunter character.

As a result, It's doubtful we will see a Monster Hunter character in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Whatever previous plans were, you can be sure that Nintendo still have a few tricks up their sleeve for upcoming fighters.

In order to gain a competitive edge, you might soon be upgrading to the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro. Especially when a Nintendo Switch Pro leak has revealed an alleged release date.

You might also be interested to hear that Nintendo's new console could include an OLED display, according to another leak.

Smash Bros. Ultimate will remain popular for years to come. Players can look forward to more surprise appearances in the future.

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