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Sledgehammer Games Possibly Teased COD 2021 on Twitter

Is Sledgehammer Games making the next Call of Duty? A new tease on Twitter is making fans curious about the developer’s next project.

Black Ops Cold War was a messy project to develop. Those who follow Call of Duty extensively may know that originally, 2020’s COD title was set to be developed by Sledgehammer Games.

But following internal conflicts inside the organization, Activision made the decision to put Treyarch in charge instead. This left Sledgehammer Games as one of Call of Duty’s side-developers, beside Raven Software.

Now, fans believe that Sledgehammer Games could be back in the driver’s seat and already developing COD 2021 or 2022.

Is Sledgehammer Games Developing Call of Duty 2021?

Although many believed Sledgehammer Games to be dropping out of the Call of Duty cycle, this may not be quite true. After all, during 2020, Chief Operating Officer Andy Wilson states that Sledgehammer Games has actually hired over 150 new staff.

What’s more, a recent tease may have just dropped this New Year. Celebrating the end of 2020, the official Sledgehammer Games Twitter posted the following message:

“Power off. Power on. Let’s try this again. Happy New Year!”

Many fans were quick to jump on the hype train, seeing this message as confirmation that Sledgehammer will be continuing to develop COD as normal.

Some fans are even calling out for sequels to Sledgehammer Games’ past titles. Whether the developer is working on Advanced Warfare 2, another World War title, or a new series entirely remains to be seen.

What’s more, it’s always possible that Sledgehammer Games was simply making a reference to the best way to fix broken games, rather than announcing its return to the ring. But we’ve got a suspicion that this large hiring wave means the company is back in business.

Is the Next Call of Duty Going to Be Modern Warfare 2?

Recently, we’ve been seeing heavy rumors that the next Call of Duty will be Modern Warfare 2. This includes Warzone’s finale cutscene that teases Modern Warfare 2 directly.

New leaks also suggest that Modern Warfare 2 is set to be the 2021 release, with a 2 year development time from Infinity Ward. If this proves to be the case, Sledgehammer Games is probably working on the 2022 launch.

Modern Warfare 2 Leaked for 2021

We hope this proves to be the case, as Call of Duty definitely requires more than a year to develop. Even by combining existing assets and launching with less content, Black Ops Cold War was barely ready at release.

Only now, with the Season 1 mid-season update are we starting to get the type of content players should expect from a new Call of Duty. And despite all that, a new Zombies map won’t release until Cold War Season 2.

Speaking of Sledgehammer Games, players can now get an actual Sledgehammer in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. We imagine that despite remarkable timing, this is not a tease for Sledgehammer Games making COD 2021, however.

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