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What Does Slap Juice Do in Fortnite?

Along with the numerous other changes in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, Epic Games has also introduced a new company and consumable, Slap Juice.

As with every chapter, Epic Games has introduced a new company like Kevolution Energy, and this time the factory for Chapter 4 is the distribution center of an energy drink company, Slap Juice.

Undoubtedly more about the factory is to come or change during the season or chapter as a whole, but for now, it’s a great place to land off the Battle Bus.

Take advantage of the power boosts of this energy drink consumable or indulge in some Slap Berries in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

What Is Slap Juice in Fortnite?

Slap Juice is a new consumable item in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1. It grants 40 seconds of unlimited Energy and 25 Health or Shield (the blue secondary health bar).

Infinite Energy allows you to sprint, vault, or slide indefinitely for the period it is active.

The item is rare, appearing as a plastic bottle with company branding scattered around the map in buildings and chests.

Where to Find Slap Juice

You can find Slap Juice randomly throughout the map, on the ground, and in chests. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a higher spawn rate for it near Slappy Shores.

However, less effective versions of the consumable, like Slap Barrels, spawn frequently near the factory. Even less powerful, Slap Berries grow on plants in grassy forested areas.


But the best way to get your hands on some of it is to search buildings for glowing blue bottles or open chests and cross your fingers.

How to Use Slap Juice

To use Slap Juice in Fortnite, select it from your inventory and use it with the melee/shoot button. Or if you just picked the item up, you can press the same button.

After using the item, you immediately restore 25 health and receive a temporary infinite Energy bonus of 40 seconds, indicated by your glowing yellow legs.

You can use Slap Berries similarly by picking one from a plant and pressing the melee/shoot button.

However, you must break a Slap Barrel to activate its effects by holding down the melee/shoot button to access the consumable.

Difference Between Slap Juice, Barrels, and Berries in Fortnite

Slap Juice provides the most Health or Shield and temporary infinite Energy used to replenish stamina, while Barrels provide less infinite stamina and Health or Shield, and Berries provide the lowest of each.

Here’s a breakdown of what each item does and where you can usually find them:

Slap Juice

  • Slap Juice provides 25 Health or Shield and the longest infinite Energy boost of 40 seconds.
    • The shield is the secondary “health” blue meter.
    • These spawn in chests and on the floor in buildings.
Holding Slap Juice in Fortnite

Slap Barrels

  • Slap Barrels provide 10 Health or Shield and the second longest infinite Energy boost of 30 seconds.
    • When broken, the barrel releases this boost in an area of effect so that nearby teammates can get the same bonus.
    • These are mostly found in the Slap Juice Factory in Slappy Shores, but they do spawn in random buildings as well. Slappy Shores can be found on the eastside of the map.
Slap Juice Barrel in Fortnite

Slap Berries

  • Slap Berries provide 5 Health or Shield and the lowest infinite Energy boost of 20 seconds.
  • These are found in grassy forested areas growing on plants. 

However, to unlock the full potential of the Slap items, give yourself a headstart and make sure you have a good weapon and a solid set of reality augments.

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