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Skull & Bones New Gameplay Leak Reveals Hubs, Open-World, and More

A gameplay leak of Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones game has revealed a look at combat, the open world, and being a pirate captain!

It’s been almost four years since we last saw the official gameplay of Skull & Bones. Ubisoft’s open-seas pirate game has been sitting quietly.

That is, until today, as some new gameplay of Skull and Bones has leaked. If you’ve been waiting for news on Skull & Bones, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the leaked gameplay.

Skull and Bones First Gameplay Leaked

Skull and Bones Technical Test Gameplay has Leaked

Some gameplay of the Ubisoft title Skull & Bones has leaked. The gameplay is of a technical test build, presumably an Alpha of the game.

The gameplay showcases purchasing goods, sailing across the open seas, commanding your ship, and being a Pirate Captain!

It seems that there are a few RPG mechanics in play in Skull & Bones. Firstly, you can fully customize your Pirate Captain, with plenty of customization options.

Next, upon being sunk, you’ll be required to head to your shipwreck to pick up lost cargo. However, enemy players can steal your cargo for themselves.

There’s also some gameplay for the ship combat. Although to steal the maximum amount of cargo from enemy pirates, you’ll need to get close and board them!

Skull and Bones Gameplay Alpha Leak

The video also shows gameplay of hubs, buying items from merchants, as well as hanging out with your pirate crew!

While the gameplay that has leaked may be an Alpha build, it seems the game is coming together well. Graphically, it’s pretty impressive.

Of course, as a technical test, some things may change between now and when Skull & Bones launches. However, since this is the first gameplay we’ve got in years, it’s pretty exciting.

Unfortunately, Skull and Bones doesn’t have a release date yet. However, you can check out the full gameplay leak for yourself!

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