The Diablo 4 Update 1.1 nerfed Siphoning Strikes, and many Rogue players are not happy with Blizzard’s decision.

Siphoning Strikes is a passive ability that allows the Rogue class to heal while attacking enemies. Players would add it to their build to improve its sustainability in the end game.

Unfortunately, this ability received a massive nerf with Diablo 4 Update 1.1, and players are already letting their frustrations know.

Siphoning Strikes Hit With Huge Nerf in Diablo 4

The Diablo 4 Update 1.1 just nerfed Siphoning Strikes by making it require a Lucky Chance Hit of 75%, on top of the already required Critical Strike.

Before, players would only need to obtain a Critical Strike Chance to heal up to 3% of their Maximum Health. This would allow Rogue players to survive the more difficult areas of World Tier 4.

Lucky Hit is a chance that the ability it belongs to will activate. It’s meant to keep some of the stronger abilities in Diablo 4 balanced so that players aren’t able to spam them.

For the Rogue Class, this means that its odds of activating this passive healing ability have just hit staggeringly low numbers, and players aren’t too happy with Blizzard.

The Siphoning Strikes passive ability was a staple among Rogue builds due to its ability to heal 3% of a player’s maximum health while taking advantage of the abilities with high Critical Strike chance.

With this nerf, the healing of this passive only activates when the player lands a Lucky Hit. Players are already talking about how this essentially nerfs the skill into the ground.

Reddit user Jurez1313 did a great job of explaining just how much this affects Siphoning Strikes:

The Rogue was one of the more popular classes in Diablo 4 due to its Twisting Blades endgame build that could melt through enemies. However, with this nerf, the sustainability of this build is now incredibly lower than it was before.

Of course, there are ways to boost your Lucky Chance Hit percentage, but this just means players have another stat to worry about when building their Rogue class.

Siphoning Strikes was crucial for some players during the endgame portions of Diablo 4, so players will need to find new ways to boost their vitality after this nerf.

There were complaints from PvP players about this build being overpowered, but many aren’t sure if this was the correct way to balance things out.