The latest Modern Warfare update has introduced a host of new changes, including the Crossbow, new loadout slots, and most importantly, the addition of a brand new easter egg. It appears as though Infinity Ward is hinting towards the return of a familiar face within the series, Simon “Ghost” Riley.

New Modern Warfare Ghost Easter Egg on Piccadilly Map

As pointed out by Reddit user Mrnamesarehard, a new display has emerged on one of the billboards on the Piccadilly map. Every so often, the billboard showcases Ghost for a short period of time. The character is flickering on the screen, as shown in the video below.

Just hopped on after the update and Piccadilly is looking a little different 👻👻☠️☠️ from r/modernwarfare

In addition to this, one player discovered upon the easter egg in a burger shop on Ground War map Tavorsk District. Ghost seems to be appearing on various different TV screens throughout the game.

Don’t know if it was posted before, but I saw this ghost when i tried to order some borgars on tavorsk disctirct from r/modernwarfare

This is not the first time this easter egg has appeared. A few months back, players reported seeing Ghost on some screens.

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Is Ghost Coming to Modern Warfare?

Throughout the past few months, some have speculated that Alex is actually Ghost. Whether this is true or not doesn’t matter too much, that’s because Ghost is likely coming to Modern Warfare either way.

It’s no coincidence that a bevy of mysterious teasers have suddenly begun to appear. With Season 2 coming next month, Infinity Ward is obviously preparing for something. It’s unclear what exactly they have up their sleeve, but for now, it seems to at least involve Simon “Ghost” Riley in some way, shape or form.

Prior to the game’s release, data miners discovered references towards Operator Ghost within the in-game files. With this in mind, it seems as though Ghost will be playable soon in Modern Warfare via an operator. This has been far from confirmed, although the operator is expected to launch as part of Season 2.