Warzone players are once again complaining that silent footsteps are ruining the game, as they can’t hear enemies coming!

If you want to win in Warzone, you’ll need both game sense and gun skill. After all, accurate aiming isn’t enough if you let enemies sneak up behind you.

Unfortunately, opponents getting the jump on you in Warzone is much easier than it should be. This is a result of inconsistent footstep audio in the game, which means that you can’t hear enemies run up behind you!

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Silent Footsteps Are Still a Major Issue

A popular new post on the Warzone subreddit complains about how footsteps in the game are often silent and how the developer won’t address this problem.

Warzone player Underscroeaxlphax says that their audio “goes from muffled to all of a sudden SUPER loud and back”. This prevents them from hearing when enemies are running close by and leads to plenty of untimely deaths.

The post also touches on the audio issue causing silent parachutes, showing that it isn’t just footsteps that are causing frustration.

If you can’t hear enemies clearly enough, make sure you are using the best Warzone audio settings to boost footsteps. While it isn’t a total fix for these audio issues, it will definitely help you hear nearby operators.

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Hopefully, Warzone developer Raven Software will address the issue of silent footsteps in Warzone soon. However, it is likely not an easy fix.

Previously, the developer has tried to refine audio – including footstep sounds – across the board, but there’s been little sign of any improvements as of yet.

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