Sigil Powder is one of the most important end-game materials that you’ll use in Diablo 4. You’ll need plenty of it if you’re looking to farm the high-tier Nightmare Dungeons in Sanctuary.

To enter Nightmare Dungeons, you need to have Nightmare Sigils. These sigils allow you to activate Nightmare Dungeons, increasing their difficulty and the rewards you obtain.

Players can find Nightmare Sigils by obtaining Whispering Tree rewards or completing Nightmare Dungeons. However, the easiest way to get high-tier Nightmare Sigils is to use Sigil Powder to craft them.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get Sigil Powder and how to craft the best Nightmare Sigils for your current class.

How to Get Sigil Powder in Diablo 4

The easiest way to get Sigil Powder in Diablo 4 is by salvaging Nightmare Sigils at The Occultist. Salvaging higher-tier Nightmare Sigils will reward players with larger amounts of Sigil Powder.

  1. Head to the Salvage Sigils tab at The Occultist.
  2. From this menu, click on the pick axe icon (4th of 5, from left to right).
  3. From your inventory, head to the Consumables tab.
  4. Choose one of the highlighted Nightmare Sigils to Salvage.
Salvage Sigil in Diablo 4

Players will also naturally obtain Sigil Powder by simply completing Nightmare Dungeons or earning Whispering Tree rewards. However, both of these can take quite a bit of time and aren’t ideal for players looking to farm Sigil Powder specifically.

This is why it’s a lot easier just to salvage any Nightmare Sigils that you don’t plan on completing. It’s always a great idea to salvage lower-tier sigils and complete the higher-tier sigils.

This ensures that you have a constant supply of Sigil Powder but that you’re leaving the best dungeons to farm for Legendary loot and XP.

However, before players can actually craft Nightmare Sigils, they’ll need to unlock Sigil Crafting by doing the Priority Quest they receive after completing a Tier 4 Nightmare Sigil.

Players will unlock Sigil Crafting in Diablo 4 once they obtain the Priority Quest after they reach level 52 and clear a Tier 3+ Nightmare Dungeon.

There are three ways to obtain a Tier 3+ Nightmare Dungeon:

  • Complete a Tier 1 or 2 Nightmare Dungeon, and there is a chance of a Tier 3+ Nightmare Sigil dropping as loot.
  • Join a friend that has a Tier 3+ Nightmare Sigil and complete the dungeon with them.
  • Obtain a Nightmare Sigil from a World Tier 4 character. These sigils are always guaranteed to be Tier 21+.

Where to Use Sigil Powder

Players can use Sigil Powder to craft Nightmare Sigils at The Occultist at the main town locations of each region in Diablo 4, including:

  • Kyovashad, Fractured Peaks
  • Cerrigar, Scosglen
  • Ked Bardu, Dry Steppes
  • Jarandai, Dry Steppes
  • Gael Khul, Kehjistan
  • Zarbinzet, Hawezar
  • Backwater, Hawezar

You can easily identify The Occultist by its unique symbol shown below:

The Occultist Symbol Diablo 4

Once you arrive at The Occultist, use the third tab to craft Nightmare Sigils ad the fourth tab to Salvage Sigils.

The higher the tier of the Sigil you want to craft, the more Sigil Powder you will need. Here is what the lowest and highest cost Nightmare Sigils will require to help you get an idea of how it works.

  • Tier 1-5 Nightmare Sigils will require Sigil Powder x3 and 4,000 Gold.
  • Tier 91-100 Nightmare Sigils will require Sigil Powder x100 and 50,000 Gold.

Best Nightmare Sigil to Craft

The best Nightmare Sigil to craft in order to farm Nightmare Dungeons is a Tier 11-15 due to the cost and time it takes for players to clear it.

Reddit user, Dyelawn57, actually created a list that shows how much glyph XP you earn with each Tier and found that Tier 11-15 was the best suited for farming.

This is because it gives players 28 XP to use on their Paragon Glyphs and doesn’t increase the difficulty or cost by too much. Players can farm this Nightmare Sigil Tier without using up too much time or resources.

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