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Shroud Claims New Games Are “Lackluster” in Recent Twitch Stream

In a recent stream, FPS expert Shroud weighs in on new game releases being relatively “lackluster.”

The opinion that many new games don’t have the care put into them that older titles did is hardly a fresh take. However, it’s one that Twitch streamer Shroud appears to agree with whole-heartedly.

With each passing year, the video games industry begins to pull in increasingly large sums of money. And of course, this leads to several developers prioritizing making money over delivering an exceptional product.

shroud twitch lackluster games
(Source: Shroud)

One such example can be seen in the broken launch of Black Ops Cold War which was rushed out to meet Activision’s yearly release schedule. Another clear example is Cyberpunk 2077 which is now facing lawsuits after a poor launch.

Talking to his viewers, the major internet personality explains his preference for older titles.

Shroud Isn’t Looking Forward to Any Upcoming Games

Answering a fan’s question live on stream, Shroud confirms that he’s not looking forward to any upcoming games.

After stating that there are no games he’s currently looking forward to, Shroud instead claims that he wants older titles to get updates.

With 2021 having very few new releases worth talking about, save for upcoming exciting drops like Ratchet and Clank, the streamer wants to play the games he’s missed out on.

“I want older games to get updated correctly. I want The Last Of Us II to get correctly updated for the PS5 so that it actually runs how it’s supposed to.”

the last of us part 2
(Source: Naughty Dog)

Shroud continues by saying that a lot of the games he’s currently interested in are older titles like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. He also confirms that he believes all the recent releases to have been “pretty lackluster.”

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“New games don’t hit like old games because old games… there was a lot of passion behind them, right? The people running the games, the people at the top, were also the people making the games.”

Are Games Getting Worse in 2021?

It’s true that games are becoming a lot more of a product as time goes on. Franchises such as Call of Duty, Pokemon, and more are heavily criticized for lacking initiative in recent releases.

Meanwhile, these same series used to be known for having passionate developers who were just focussing on making a good product. You have to look to indie games in order to see that same level of passion.

shroud twitch
(Source: Shroud)

Shroud claims that newer games have really good coders and designers, but they have no control over the product. Instead, higher-ups in the company are in charge of the release.

Of course, there are still a lot of games with an active fanbase despite not being new. Even Ninja is still playing Fortnite, despite threatening to quit not long ago.

It looks like you’re going to have to put out a truly impressive new release to win over Shroud. Thankfully, there are some truly incredible new releases coming in 2021.

Check them out below:

Source: Shroud

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