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Should Call of Duty Zombies Maps Be Free to Play or Paid DLC?

Call of Duty Zombies players are pondering whether maps work better as Free to Play, or as Paid DLC, what do you think?

Recently, the topic of Call of Duty Zombies maps has been brought to players’ attention. For example, Black Ops Cold War Season 6 is bringing back a familiar location for its next Zombies map.

On top of this, Vanguard’s first Zombies map will be ‘Ritual of the Dead’. Despite there being a variety of different maps, the question of their quality and consistency has been highlighted by fans.

Furthermore, it could be argued that using in-game campaign locations lacks proper imagination and creative direction.

Although Outbreak Mode was a refreshing change of pace for Call of Duty Zombies, much of the content still involved re-used assets.

(Source: Activision)

Now, players are considering whether switching Call of Duty Zombies over to a Paid DLC business model may improve the quality of maps on offer.

However, with paid DLC and microtransactions being such a divisive topic, perhaps COD Zombies is best left as it is?

Should COD Zombies Maps Be Free-to-Play or Paid?

The question as to whether ‘price equals quality’ has been raised with regards to Call of Duty Zombies, here’s what fans are saying.

Currently, Call of Duty players are discussing whether a change needs to be made in the ever-popular Zombies multiplayer game mode.

Call of Duty Zombies is a consistently successful franchise in and of itself. Despite this, there are some criticisms to be had with it.

Treyarch Teases New Black Ops Cold War Zombies Miniboss Ahead of Season 6 Map
(Source: Activision)

For starters, sometimes the maps themselves can be completely broken, with hilarious glitches cropping up from time to time.

Similarly, in other instances, they can even ban players from playing the game!

And whilst Treyarch is working on Vanguard’s Zombies mode, they are also doing so at the expense of Cold War. It’s no surprise then that players are expecting to run into the same issues in Vanguard.

Therefore, many Reddit users believe that a return to Paid DLC, which we saw in the likes of Black Ops 2, is the way forward.

Alternatively, there are those that believe this will only make matters worse. By introducing monetary incentivization, there is no guarantee that the map quality will improve, especially considering COD’s yearly release schedule.

(Source: Reddit)

So, what do you think? Do you think Call of Duty Zombies should retain its current model? Or is time for a different way of doing things?

After all, there were even rumors that Vanguard wouldn’t launch with a Zombies mode, and with both Sledgehammer Games & Treyarch working on Vanguard, will Zombies suffer as a result?

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Comments 6


Sheldon blomly

Monday 4th of October 2021

It should be it's own game for sure. And make it so 10 or 15 people can play at once. Like a world war z. Go in to depth with it. You make noise thousands of zombies come out to play. In a map like outbreak would be so fun. And make it so you can fly and drive tanks planes helicopters apvs but you have limited fuel and you have to stop and fill them up it makes it harder. Even have it so you have different factions and you have to fight each other to survive. And collect their food any supplies or ammunition. That would be the funnest game ever

Gordon smith

Monday 4th of October 2021

Make a zombies stand alone disc, some of us dont like mutiplayer.


Sunday 3rd of October 2021

Cod is dead! Zombies is dead!! They put them out way to fast an are becoming VERY BORING!!


Sunday 3rd of October 2021

Pourquoi les maps zombie ne resemblent plus aux maps de cod 1 2 3 Je trouvais que c'était des vrais maps zombie . Comme c'est rendu là, j'aime moins . J'ai passé au mode multihoueur à la place et c'est dommage car j'aime zombie.


Sunday 3rd of October 2021

It's call there shouldn't even be zombies because zombies is not call of duty its horror and call of duty is not horror its about war.