Is it still worth buying a PS5 in 2024 or would you be better off waiting a while for the PS5 Pro to release?

Plenty of rumors point towards Sony releasing an upgraded version of the PlayStation 5 – the PS5 Pro – very soon. This has given many prospective PS5 owners a dilemma.

While you could just pick up a PS5 now, it could be a regret if the PS5 Pro releases at the end of 2024. That’s why we’ve broken down the decision of whether you should pick up a PS5 now or wait for the Pro model!

Why You Should Buy a PS5 Now

There’s a very strong argument to buy a PS5 right now for a couple of reasons:

The Exclusive Lineup is Great

Spider-Man 2 Peter and Miles

If you simply can’t wait to play PS5 exclusives like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth or PS5 console exclusives like Helldivers 2, then you may as well pull the trigger on a PlayStation 5 purchase.

While the exclusive game library for the PS5 isn’t huge just yet, there are plenty of outstanding games only available on the platform. This makes buying a PS5 particularly tempting for gamers who don’t want to be patient.

After all, Sony has not even announced the PS5 Pro yet, and the mid-gen upgrade console likely won’t release for at least another 6 months.

Potential PS5 Pro Shortages

PS5 Beta Program Update New Features

The other main reason why it may be more sensible to buy an original PS5 now is that there could be PS5 Pro stock shortages when the console releases.

Even though the PS5 released in November 2020, it took well over two years for the console to be readily available worldwide. This was due to a global chip shortage that prevented all kinds of technology from being manufactured at full capacity.

While the shortage is nowhere near as bad as it was, the industry is still feeling the effects. Therefore, a shortage of PS5 Pro consoles at launch is certainly possible.

If you don’t want to risk missing out on a PS5 Pro when it releases, you are probably better off picking up a PS5 or PS5 Slim now.

Why You Should Wait for the PS5 Pro

However, it could also be worth waiting for the PS5 Pro to release if you’re patient enough!

The PS5 Pro May Release Soon

All of the leaks and rumors suggest that the PS5 Pro will be released in late 2024. While this is not confirmed, this release window has been shared by plenty of reliable sources within the industry and seems extremely likely.

Therefore, with only around 6 months until a potential PS5 Pro release, waiting for the upgraded console is the most sensible thing to do for most gamers right now.

Otherwise, you may find yourself wanting to upgrade your PS5 in the near future, especially with GTA 6 on the horizon!

An Improved Console

PS5 Close Up

The PS5 Pro will certainly be an upgrade on the base and Slim versions of the PS5, thanks to upgraded hardware. This will mean that games running on the PS5 Pro should have more detailed graphics and higher frame rates.

Additionally, rumors suggest that the PS5 Pro will utilize AI upscaling technology for even more performance increases.

Therefore, if you really care about graphics and frame rate, it’s certainly better to wait a little while for a PS5 Pro. It’ll be the most powerful system to play games on and will give you the best graphics and frame rate out of any console.

Overall Verdict

Overall, we think it is certainly worth waiting for the PS5 Pro if you are patient enough. All of the signs point towards the console releasing this year and it will hopefully be significantly more powerful than the base PS5.

Although, there’s also nothing wrong with buying a PS5 now if you can’t wait to play the exclusive games. Sony wouldn’t alienate the current PlayStation player base by making PS5 Pro-only titles.

Stay tuned for more information about the PS5 Pro and when you’ll be able to buy it. It seems likely that Sony will announce the console in Summer 2024, a couple of months before the rumored release date.

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