Are suppressors worth using on your custom weapons in Warzone, or are you better off equipping another muzzle attachment?

With weapons having 5 attachment slots in Warzone, picking which ones to use can be tricky. The decision about suppressors is the most difficult one to make.

That’s why we’ve got all of the information you need to know about suppressors and silencers in Warzone!

What Do Supressors Do in Warzone?

Equipping a suppressor to any gun not only keeps you off of enemy mini-maps when firing your weapon, but it also reduces the noise that your gunshots make.

Both of these effects allow you to move around the map undetected and be much harder to track, helping you get to the final circles in battle royale.

Warzone Suppressor Undetectable By Radar
Every suppressor has the ‘Undetectable by Radar’ bullet point in the pros of the attachment.

While staying off of the mini-map can prove to be a lifesaver in Warzone, other muzzle attachments can give much better recoil reduction to your guns.

So, should you opt for a suppressor to stay under the radar or charge in all guns blazing with a recoil-reducing muzzle attachment?

Are Suppressors Worth Using?

Yes, suppressors are worth using on all of your guns in Warzone, as they keep you off of enemy mini-maps while firing, concealing your location.

However, you will need to make sure your entire squad has suppressors on both of their weapons. This is because even just one unsilenced gun can give away your entire squad’s location!

Even if we do recommend using suppressors, there are plenty of very powerful recoil-reducing muzzle attachments in Warzone, meaning this decision isn’t always straightforward.

Ghost in Urzikstan Warzone Map

When You Shouldn’t Use A Suppressor

While we usually recommend attaching suppressors to all of your guns, there are a few instances where you will want to use a recoil-reducing muzzle instead.

If you are using a high-recoil gun like the RAM-7 or are a new Warzone player, then prioritizing recoil control may be the better option for you. This is because it will allow you to get kills more consistently.

Alternatively, if you are solo-queuing into squad matches, then there’s no point in using a suppressor. This is because your teammates may not also be running silencers and even if you don’t ping enemy mini-maps, they will.

Finally, highly skilled players who want to get high-kill games may not want to use a suppressor as they want enemy players to know where they are. This will bring more enemies towards them and give them more opportunities to get kills.

Warzone Lockdown Mode

Best Suppressors

The best suppressors to use on your custom weapon loadouts in Warzone are:

  • VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor (Long Range)
  • Shadowstrike Suppressor (Balanced)
  • Sonic Suppressor (Short Range)
These Suppressors also come in S and L variants, depending on the size of the gun you are equipping it on. SMGs use the S version, while larger guns like LMGs and sniper rifles use the L version.
Despite the different sizes, they have exactly the same effects.

The VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor is by far the best silencer for long-range guns in Warzone. This is because it improves your damage range, bullet velocity and recoil control but slows down your ADS and sprint-to-fire speed.

VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor MW3 and Warzone

On the other end of the spectrum, the Sonic Suppressor is an excellent option for SMGs and sniper support guns. It increases damage range and bullet velocity but increases the gun’s recoil slightly.

Sonic Suppressor MW3 and Warzone

The most balanced suppressor for Warzone is the Shadowstrike Suppressor. This is because it has no additional effects beyond keeping you off of the mini-map.

Shadowstrike Suppressor MW3 and Warzone

Now that you know whether to equip a suppressor to your gun in Warzone, you’ll want to know which guns to use. Here are the meta weapon loadouts in Warzone right now!

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