Once players complete the campaign for Diablo 4, they will have the option to skip it entirely for any future characters they create, but is that the best option?

When you skip the campaign, you’ll be able to access the end-game content more quickly and even the new story missions that are added.

However, if you don’t skip it, you’d need to go through the 35-hour campaign before you can access any of the end-game events. Is this worth the hassle?

Should I Skip the Campaign in Season 1?

Yes, players should skip the campaign in Season 1 when starting a new character in Diablo 4. This grants immediate access to seasonal content and the chance to level up faster through the end-game mechanics.

Once you have skipped the campaign, you’ll immediately gain access to:

  • Helltide Events
  • World Events
  • Nightmare Dungeons
  • Whispering Tree Rewards
  • New seasonal story missions.

Any map points you unlocked, the Altairs of Lilith that you discovered, and your mount will also transfer to your new character even if you skip the campaign.

Map Diablo 4 Skip Campaign

This will help players get a jump start on their renown and unlocks some much-needed skill points and potions to start Season 1.

There really isn’t any other benefit from completing the campaign multiple times. The only reason you should play the campaign is if you’re looking to experience the story from the very beginning.

However, if you skip the campaign, you will miss out on guaranteed drops like Vigo’s Protecting Amulet or Mother’s Embrace.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t obtain the items. They will still appear as random drops. It just means that you won’t get them as a reward for completing the campaign mission they are tied to.

Here are a few other ways that players can use to gain XP when they skip the campaign in Diablo 4:

  • Complete 10 Grim Favors and collect your reward from the Tree of Whispers.
    • The reward always gives you a great amount of XP, more than any campaign mission would.
  • Farm Nightmare Dungeons with a group to get immense amounts of XP.
    • Players use certain dungeons to farm XP due to their convenience.
  • Participate in World Boss Events to earn great gear and XP.
    • You may need to level up a bit before you can actively participate in the battle, but you can always have friends help you with the events.
  • Enter Helltide Events to farm Abberant Cinders and encounter plenty of enemies for XP.

All of these methods are only available after the player completes the main campaign. This is why we highly suggest skipping it to really get the most out of Diablo 4.

How to Skip Diablo 4 Campaign

To skip the Diablo 4 campaign, players will first need to complete the main campaign at least once. After that, players must mark “Skip Campaign” in the Gameplay Options when creating a character.

  1. Create a new character.
  2. Choose your class.
  3. Customize your Face/Body, Hair, and Accessories.
  4. Head to Finalize.
  5. In Gameplay Options, make sure that the square next to Skip Campaign is highlighted in white.
    • This ensures that you selected this option and that it is active.
    • If it is not highlighted, press X/A to activate it.
  6. Select “Start Game.”
    • If you are looking to play newly-released content, you’ll need to choose “Seasonal Realm” after this step.
Skip Campaign Diablo 4

This will ensure that you skip the campaign when creating a new character in Diablo 4.