One of the most important mechanics in Diablo 4 is how you approach your loot. With so much loot popping up, it makes sense to salvage your Legendary Gear, but is it the best option?

The goal of Diablo 4 is to create the most powerful character possible. Players do this by combining certain skills with powerful legendary gear that they find in Sanctuary.

But the amount of loot that you will come across while you explore is pretty intense. Players can get rid of unwanted items by selling or salvaging them.

Here we’ll discuss whether it’s worth salvaging your Legendary Gear in Diablo IV or if there are better things to do with it.

Should You Salvage Legendary Gear?

Yes, players should salvage Legendary Gear in Diablo 4 if it doesn’t help them with their current build or if it isn’t a high-level item.

This will allow you to obtain the following Legendary Materials:

  1. Baleful Fragment
    • Used to upgrade Legendary Weapons.
    • Allows players to imprint Legendary Aspects to weapons.
  2. Abstruse Sigil
    • Used to upgrade Legendary Jewelry.
    • Allows players to imprint Legendary Aspects to jewelry.
  3. Coiling Ward
    • Used to upgrade Legendary Armor.
    • Allows players to imprint Legendary Aspects to armor.

There are plenty of ways to obtain money, so selling Legendary Gear is never a great option since obtaining those Legendary Materials is much more valuable.

The only time players should really keep a Legendary in their Stash is if it is Max Level or a Sacred Legendary. For the rest, salvaging legendaries will always be the better option.

Although, if you find an affix that you feel you could use in the future, then you should extract the Legendary Aspect to add it to their inventory so that they can use it in the future.

An Affix is the orange wording next to the star on Legendary Gear that boosts one of your skills. It is the reason why some Legendary Items are highly sought after.

Legendary Affix

For example, if you find the Exploiter’s Aspect on a Legendary Armor, then you’ll want to extract that for future use since it is such a rare power.