The Willow’s Wardrobe Ticket is only worth buying in Pokemon GO if you want to unlock Avatar Items that look like Professor Willow’s clothes, or if you want a Melmetal that knows the exclusive attack Double Iron Bash.

This is because the rest of the rewards for completing the Willow’s Wardrobe Research are very small.

Pokemon GO players can buy the Willow’s Wardrobe Ticket for $4.99 (or local currency equivalent) in the in-game Shop until June 1, 2023, to get access to a Timed Research Story.

Additionally, the Research expires at 10 AM on June 30, so you will need to finish it by then to get all of the rewards!

Willow's Wardrobe Ticket Pokemon GO

All Tasks & Rewards in Pokemon GO Willow’s Wardrobe

There is just one step to complete in the Willow’s Wardrobe Timed Research.

Additionally, the five Tasks that Pokemon GO players must finish to complete the Research are very simple, and all involve catching and transferring Pokemon.

Catch 10 PokemonWillow’s Goggles
Catch 20 PokemonWillow’s Gloves
Catch 30 PokemonWillow’s Pants
Catch 40 PokemonWillow’s Jacket
Catch 50 PokemonWillow’s Boots
Transfer 30 Pokemon 25 Meltan Candy

Of course, you can use Lure Modules or Daily Adventure Incense to speed up your progress when trying to catch 50 Pokemon!

Willow's Wardrobe Research rewards Pokemon GO

Willow’s Wardrobe Completion Rewards

For completing all of the Tasks in the Pokemon GO Willow’s Wardrobe Timed Research, you get the following rewards:

  • 809 Stardust
  • 809 XP
  • Melmetal which knows the exclusive charged attack Double Iron Bash

This is currently the only way to get a Double Iron Bash Melmetal in Pokemon GO!

Even using an Elite Charged TM cannot get your Melmetal to learn Double Iron Bash just yet. However, we expect this attack will be added to the Elite Charged TM pool after this Timed Research expires.

Additionally, if you want a more substantial Research Story to complete, why not try the new Masterwork Research: Wish Granted? Finish this will reward you with a guaranteed shiny Jirachi encounter!

Is Double Iron Bash a Good Attack For Melmetal in Pokemon GO?

Double Iron Bash is a Steel-type attack that has 50 power and costs 35 energy. This makes it a useful charged attack option for Melmetal in Pokemon GO, but it’s probably not the best one it can learn.

A Melmetal with Rock Slide or Superpower will be more useful in most cases as it’ll help you counter more opponents.

Even if Melmetal is a strong choice for the GO Battle League, there’s another Steel-type Pokemon that is even stronger!

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