Here’s a full rundown on whether you should purchase the Halloween Timed Research Ticket in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO players are always after great rewards and the best way to get some is by completing Research.

However, Pokemon trainers have to pay to access all of the research the game has to offer. This includes the new Halloween Timed Research which can only be obtained by purchasing a Ticket for it in the in-game shop.

But should you buy the Halloween Timed Research Ticket in Pokemon GO and how easy is it to complete and get all of the rewards?

Is the Halloween Timed Research Ticket Worth Buying in Pokemon GO?

The Halloween Timed Research Ticket is worth buying for Pokemon GO players who want a Spiritomb encounter or an exclusive pose.

It is reasonably expensive but is the only way to catch a Spiritomb at the moment and gives plenty of rewards including an exclusive post for your Avatar. Therefore, it is worth it for some trainers, especially considering you have until 10 AM local time on November 1, 2022 to finish it.

So you can decide for yourself, we’ve included everything you need to know about the Timed Research below including the price and a full walkthrough of the Research Tasks and rewards.

Halloween Timed Research Ticket Pokemon GO

Halloween Timed Research Ticket Price

The Halloween Timed Research costs $5 (or local currency equivalent) in the in-game Pokemon GO Shop.

This is pretty costly but at least there is an alternative for Pokemon trainers who don’t want to spend as much.

If you don’t want to spend $5 on Research then maybe the $1 Halloween Pokemon GO Yamask Timed Research might be the one for you!

Halloween Timed Research Ticket Bonuses

For purchasing the Halloween Timed Research Ticket, players also get 3 increased bonuses for the duration of the Pokemon GO Halloween event:

  • 3x Candy for catching Pokemon
  • 3x Candy for hatching Pokemon
  • 3x Candy for transferring Pokemon

Here’s every way to boost the Candy you earn in Pokemon GO so you can collect even more Candy!

All Tasks & Rewards in the Halloween Timed Research

There are 4 different steps in the Halloween Times Research in Pokemon GO. Each step has 3 individual tasks and corresponding rewards for each task as well as completing the step.

Halloween Timed Research Step 1/4

Task ImageReward Encounter
Walk 2kmSpinarak Pokemon GOSpinarak
Catch 10 PokemonPokemon GO JoltikJoltik
Catch 7 Ghost-type PokemonPokemon GO DewpiderDewpider

Luckily, there are loads of Ghost-type Pokemon spawning in the wild right now. Therefore, it should be pretty simple to complete that particular Task.

Step 1 Completion Rewards

Completing step 1 of the Halloween Timed Research gives players:

  • Ariados encounter
  • Incense
Ariados Pokemon GO Pokedex

Halloween Timed Research Step 2/4

Task ImageReward Encounter
Walk 2kmZubat Pokemon GOZubat
Transfer 10 PokemonWoobat Pokemon GOWoobat
Catch 10 Ghost-type PokemonGligar Pokemon GOGligar

Make sure to use your free Daily Adventure Incense to attract more Pokemon and finish this step quicker too!

Step 2 Completion Rewards

The rewards for finishing step 2 of the Halloween Timed Research are:

  • Golbat encounter
  • Incubator
Golbat Pokemon GO Pokedex

Halloween Timed Research Step 3/4

Task ImageReward Encounter
Walk 2kmPurrloin Pokemon GOPurrloin
Send 7 Gifts to FriendsLitten Pokemon GOLitten
Catch 10 Ghost-type PokemonSneasel Pokemon GOSneasel

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Step 3 Completion Rewards

Completing step 3 of the Halloween Timed Research rewards players with:

  • Umbreon encounter
  • Incubator
Umbreon Pokemon GO Pokedex

Halloween Timed Research Step 4/4

Task ImageReward Encounter
Hatch an EggYamask Pokemon GOYamask
Make 9 Curveball ThrowsDuskull Pokemon GODuskull
Catch 13 Ghost-type PokemonGalarian Yamask Pokemon GOGalarian Yamask

If you’re struggling with this final step, find out how to make Curveball throws in Pokemon GO!

Step 4 Completion Rewards

Finishing the final step of the Halloween Timed Research gives players:

  • Spiritomb encounter
  • Lanturn Pose
Spiritomb Pokemon GO Pokedex

Now that you know everything you can get from the Halloween Timed Research Ticket, you can decide whether you want to buy it or not. However, there’s plenty for everyone to do in Pokemon GO even without a Ticket!

Here’s how to complete the Mysterious Masks Research in Pokemon GO. Also, don’t forget to pick up some of the new Halloween Field Research Tasks too!

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