Plenty of gamers are facing a dilemma if they don’t already have a Switch, as they’re not sure whether to buy a Switch now or wait for the Switch 2 to release.

All of the rumors point towards a March 2025 release date for the Switch 2, so Nintendo’s next console is still a while away yet. However, it isn’t quite far away enough to make buying a Switch now a no-brainer.

So, is it actually worth buying a Switch in 2024, or are you better off waiting for Nintendo’s next console?

Reasons to Buy a Switch in 2024

There are certainly a couple of reasons to buy a Switch in 2024, but you’ll need to think about whether it is a wise investment so late into its life cycle.

An Amazing Library of Games

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Switch has a huge selection of outstanding exclusive games. Whether you enjoy platforming, life sims, huge open-world adventures, or racing – there’s something for you!

Super Mario Odyssey, Tears of the Kingdom, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Splatoon 3 are just a few of the great Switch-exclusive games, and they are all great in their own way. If you haven’t got a Switch, then you’ve certainly missed out!

If you really can’t wait for the Switch 2 to play these games, then it may be worth picking up a Switch. What’s more, you can get some good deals on the Lite version of the console!

The Switch Lite is a Great Cheap Option

Blue Switch Lite

If you’re set on getting a Switch for the exclusive games, then you can get a great deal on a Switch Lite now.

You can buy a refurbished Switch Lite directly from Nintendo for just $170, and could find even better deals elsewhere. Therefore, even if the console may not be supported for too much longer, being able to play a whole library of great games for that price is a reasonable deal!

Why You Should Wait for the Switch 2

On the other hand, waiting for the Switch 2 is probably the best course of action for most gamers.

The Switch 2 Will Arrive Soon

Nintendo Switch OLED with Red Background

All of the leaks suggest that the Nintendo Switch 2 will release in early 2025. While the launch is likely still a year away, this amount of time flies by in the gaming world.

If you chose to buy a Switch in 2024, you’d be left with a very old and unsupported console in around a year’s time.

The Switch is Very Outdated Now

Nintendo Switch Logo

Speaking of the Switch’s age, the console is almost seven years old now.

Even when it released back in 2017, the Switch was far from a powerhouse. However, in 2024, the difference between the Switch and the PS5 and Xbox Series X is night and day.

While graphics and loading times aren’t everything, the Switch is far behind other home consoles and even Steam Decks, making it a little unwise to buy one now.

The Switch 2 will almost certainly be much more powerful and, judging by the Switch, will be fully supported for at least another five years.

Nintendo Loves Backward Compatibility

Mario Odyssey New Donk City

Finally, Nintendo is a big supporter of backward compatibility so we fully expect Switch games to be fully playable on the Switch 2.

Additionally, some of the high-profile Switch games like Tears of the Kingdom could get next-gen upgrades for the Switch 2 to improve their graphics!

Therefore, if you’re happy to wait to play the great Switch exclusives, it’ll definitely be worth waiting for Nintendo’s next console.

Overall Verdict

Overall, we suggest waiting for the Switch 2 to release for most gamers. The original Switch is too old and outdated to warrant dropping $300 in 2024 unless you are absolutely desperate to play the Switch-exclusive games.

While you could opt for a refurbished or pre-owned Switch Lite for much cheaper, the Switch 2 will likely have backward compatibility. Therefore, waiting for Nintendo’s next console is the most sensible choice.

Stay tuned for more information about the Switch 2 in the coming months. If the rumored March 2025 release date is accurate, expect Nintendo to announce the console later this year!

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