A random encounter in Starfield involves Grandma inviting you to board her ship for a tasty meal. But, should you trust this seemingly kind old lady?

Random encounters pop up every once in a while in Starfield, and while some of them can lead to positive results, many can get you into sticky situations.

Fortunately, the Grandma’s ship random encounter may not be as suspicious as you first thought. Below, we explain exactly what happens if you choose to board her ship.

How to Find Grandma’s Ship

The Grandma’s Ship event is completely random and can happen at any time near any planet. It does not have a guaranteed fixed location.

However, it does only happen while in orbit of a planet. So, if you want to encounter this event as soon as possible, try flying to different planets.

Grandma hailing the player in space in Starfield

Should You Board Grandma’s Ship?

Yes, you should absolutely board Grandma’s ship when hailed by her. She is a kind old lady who is looking to help other explorers who will give you a home-cooked meal as well as free supplies.

You can also talk to her and explore her ship to get an insight into who she is and what she is doing in space. There is absolutely no negative to boarding her ship and having a chat.

Grandma talking to the player in Starfield

What Happens if You Kill Grandma?

If you kill Grandma in Starfield, you will be able to steal everything on her ship, but not her ship itself. However, she will no longer spawn as a random encounter.

Additionally, your companions won’t like it and will be incredibly upset with you for killing her. After all, killing sweet old grannies who’ve just lost their partner is probably not the greatest idea.

Who Is Grandma?

Grandma is a space explorer who is going from system to system in search of people who need help or a nice home-cooked meal.

She used to have a partner who she shared every meal with but has since passed. So, now she wants to share meals with others while doing what she loves most: traveling the stars.

Taking the time to talk to her is worthwhile, especially if you want to have one of the more wholesome conversations in the game.

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