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Should Stopping Power Rounds Be Removed From Warzone?

Stopping Power is one of the strongest Field Upgrades you can pick up in Warzone, but is it way too powerful?

Field upgrades are powerful items that players can pick up in Warzone. Some, like the Munitions Box and Armor Box, refill players' ammo and plates, while others like the Deployable Cover are great for protecting you in a tight spot.

However, one Field Upgrade has proved to be very controversial for Warzone players - Stopping Power.

Warzone Season 2

The Most Overpowered Field Upgrade in Warzone

Stopping Power rounds are a clip of ammo that does much higher damage. Players can find it as floor loot and use it with any gun that fires bullets in Warzone - no launchers, unfortunately.

This increased damage per bullet makes your time to kill way faster than a standard magazine. Therefore, it lets you kill your enemies way quicker.

This is especially powerful when using an overpowered gun like the AUG or the FFAR. However, NICKMERCS thinks that FFAR will get a nerf soon.

However, some players think that Raven should remove Stopping Power from Warzone because it increases the damage too much.

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Warzone Exfiltration

Should Stopping Power Be Removed?

Redditor KM107 posted a poll asking players what they thought about Stopping Power in Warzone, and the results are quite interesting.

Clearly many players think that Stopping Power is too powerful and needs to be changed somehow. 1 in 3 of the almost 300 players surveyed think it should be removed entirely, while a smaller amount think the drop rate should be lowered, or it should only be given out as a reward for completing a contract.

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However, 1 in 3 players also think that Stopping Power is fine how it is in Warzone. While more people think it should be less common or removed entirely, it is still a large proportion of the players surveyed.

Be sure to check out the full results of the poll and vote yourself below.

Stopping Power in Warzone Poll

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