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What is Shoot the Ship in Modern Warfare 2?

Shoot the Ship is a popular MW2 playlist that combines both Shoot House and Shipment alongside various modes for players to enjoy.

It was recently in a poll that Infinity Ward held to decide the next multiplayer playlist. Shoot the Ship obtained over 45% of 168,287 votes.

Due to the popularity of the playlist, it wouldn’t be surprising if it remained an option for the entirety of Modern Warfare 2.

The list of maps and modes in Shoot the Ship generally includes:

  • Maps:
  • Modes:
    • Kill Confirmed
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Domination
    • Headquarters
    • Hardpoint

Now that both maps are available on MW2, it makes sense that Infinity Ward would bring back Shoot the Ship to meet player demands.

If Infinity Ward is teasing it now, we’ll likely see an official announcement or the playlist in-game on Thursday. This is usually when playlist updates go live.

Although, this isn’t the only new playlist making its way to Modern Warfare 2. Season 2 may bring some heavily requested changes and game modes back to the game.

Earlier this month, a leaker showcased what appears to be the in-game icons of Gunfight and Gun Game from the MW2 files.

This suggests that both modes may find themselves in MW2 in Season 2. This would make sense since it’s been confirmed that Warzone 2 would return to a 1v1 Gulag for Season 2.

Because of this, it’d be a smart move by Infinity Ward to keep the 2v2 mode in MW2 by bringing back Gunfight.

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, Infinity Ward has paved the way for a massive update with Season 2. They’ve shown that they are listening to players and backtracking on decisions based on the community’s voice.

If you’re excited about Shoot the Ship returning, it’s best to get your loadouts up to date with the best meta weapons in MW2!

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